Wednesday, February 7, 2018

SID day, and machine surgery

The binding and label are on the drop shadow quilt. Its ready to send to Wisconsin!
I did stitch in the ditch all day, and finished the ditches by quitting time! Yippee!

SID done. Quilting starts tomorrow.

I got some marking done, too.
Mr Wazoo quilted an ethnic looking project for a customer's nephew. I love the two Bedspreads she chose for the front and the back! Very clever.

The front features elephants, a favorite of the young man.

So cool!!

The back is another design in these warm colors.
Panto: Primrose swirl
After lunch, I called APQS to ask about my machine. If you have been following me for a while, you know the Millie and I are not the best of friends. There have been problems with the computer and the machine is really hard to quilt free motion with.There is a drag to the movement I have never gotten used to. When I had my friend over for a lesson, he said his APQS moves smoothly in every direction. Well...why doesn't mine?! 
Angie at APQS was very nice and extremely patient with us. We face timed the trouble shooting, and after an hour of trying things, it was decided we needed new axles and wheels. They will be sent out tomorrow. Meanwhile, the machine is dismantled (OMG, that was an undertaking!!) and just sitting on the carriage. The rollers are on the floor. Its a good thing I am doing the custom quilt on the Gammill!

Don't anybody sneeze! This is just sitting on the carriage with nothing holding it there.

Rollers on the floor behind the machine, the whole shebang untethered from its power and computer cords.

Evening sky. Looks like rain is coming.

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