Saturday, May 19, 2018

Royal wedding and Quilt of Valor

Today was the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markel. I taped it (it was on at 4AM) and watched the entire thing when I got up. Beautiful and classy. A nice way to start the day.
After the wedding, we both went to work in the studio. Mr Wazoo quilted a bright, happy quilt, and I did one of the Quilts of Valor that arrived yesterday. I have a month to get two done, but I do them right away and send them on so I don't stress out over the deadline. I'll do the other one tomorrow.

The combination of these jewel tones is wonderful!

Botanical back

Panto: Check and Chase

Pinwheel Quilt of Valor

Panto: Simply Stars

Blue backing
I finished the stitch in the ditch on the African quilt. I'll get started on the real quilting tomorrow or Monday. I need to make some stencils to mark the motifs with, and then start quilting. Should be fun.
I'm also starting a new repair of a treasured trip around the world quilt. It has been loved to death, and needs some TLC. I'll do photos in the morning...I left the camera in the studio.
Tonight, I think I'll watch my favorite movie one more time. Ever After with Drew Barrymore. Its a Cinderella love story with a strong willed Cinderella. A good twist, I think.

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