Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Home alone, too.

Mr Wazoo went to South Carolina to visit his mom today, so I had the studio to myself. I'm working on the African quilt, and am making progress on the 196 black squares that each get a tribal motif. I'm not quite half finished with them.
Meanwhile, we did some good work after the last post, and I love sharing it with you. We took in a vintage butterfly quilt from a customer whose mother-in-law made the quilt top years ago. She is having it finished as a Father's Day gift for her husband. What a touching gift! She decided on orange peel for the quilting pattern, and black for the binding. Here it is, all finished.

Looking at the fabrics, I would guess it was made in the fifties and  early sixties.

Its an unusual butterfly block, looks like it would be easy to draft and make.

The orange peel quilting turned out nice.

Binding on and hand sewn. The customer came right over when I called her, and she is thrilled with the quilt.

Mr Wazoo and I both finished the quilts that you last saw on the machines. In fact, we are caught up enough to have a little adventure tomorrow. I'll tell you about it later. Here are the two finished quilts.

Mr W did a fine job quilting the block of the month quilt

Panto: Rotorua

The backing is perfect for the quilt.

I had already folded the quilt I finished when I remembered to take a picture.  You can look back to see the pattern. I did an enlarged version of Warm Wishes that I drafted. This was the last of the sibling quilts.

Panto: Beauty, in gold thread

I bound it with the same fabric as the red inner border.
I'll be off to bed soon. After a couple of hours hand sewing squares to the trip around the world quilt, I'm pooped, and my arm hurts. I'll be glad when I wake up one day without the heel and arm pain! Maybe tomorrow...

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