Saturday, March 3, 2018


Today is going to be a busy day at Wazoo. There is a customer coming this afternoon with a donation of about a dozen quilt tops for the guild. She and her friend are anxious to see the studio and the longarm machines. I just hope it doesn't take hours out of my quilting time...
I am two rows down with the background quilting on the applique quilt, and a bit into the third row. Its a slow process, but fun to do. I just crank up the music and relax and quilt! Here is yesterday's progress.

After some breakfast, and some Ibuprofen, Molly and I will be back in the studio. Mr.Wazoo will be outside, doing what he loves best. The weather is perfect for yard work  with the high temperature in the 60s. Cool and sunny. I suspect he will be a dirtball by the end of the day!!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Great progress!

It has been a long, but successful day. I started bright and early. put on some Ed Sheeran, and stitched in the ditch. For eight and a half hours! The task is done, and tomorrow, I start the quilting. Yippee!!

For this quilt, I am using my Gammill. It is my most trustworthy machine.

At quitting time (Miller time for some...) Mr Wazoo came around to admire the work I'd done. This is the last row.

I took a photo of each row as I rolled it back to the top.

Every row is as stunning as the one before!

Stitching around all the applique was tedious, but very rewarding. The elements all pop up nicely.

The top row, ready for quilting.

Don't you love this house made of pencils?!
I make the change from invisible thread to Superior So Fine in the morning, and get the quilting started!

A new start

When I get a quilt like this one, I do my homework and make a plan before starting. This quilt is so beautiful, it is intimidating to quilt, but the way to conquer that is to start with stitch in the ditch while preparing for the finer quilting. That's what I did yesterday afternoon. I started.

This is a monumental applique project. I'm sure it took years to complete.

The fabric selections are exciting and beautiful.

And all those circles!...

Tiny details like this ladybug make it a treat to look at.
I had better get my big girl pants on and get to the quilting! Stay tuned.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Busy Monday!!

We hit the ground running this morning and I accomplished more than I thought I would. Mr Wazoo took advantage of the break in the weather to do some more work on the path in the back yard, so he wasn't in the studio. I cranked up the Beatles and set to work!
I loaded the second bed runner on the Gammill and started the custom quilting while the APQS chugged along on some charity projects. Aside from loading and advancing, the machine does the work for me. I managed to finish three nursing home quilts for the guild. I even sewed on the bindings and finished all three!!

Here's a nice golf quilt for a man

Panto: Yodel

Golf on the back, too!

Nice quilt, big headache!! Keep reading to find out what makes longarm quilters lose their minds...

Panto: Flower Power

Easier to see the quilting on the back

A very pretty sampler

Panto: double loops

The back
The middle quilt was a challenge. I had to add muslin to both ends to make the backing big enough for longarm quilting. We attach the backing to canvas leaders at the top and bottom of the backing. It takes about 4 inches at each end to keep the machine from hitting the poles the quilt rolls up on during the quilting process. Also, the back needs to be big enough side to side to be able to attach clamps to keep the backing taut while quilting. This takes about 3 inches on each side. Look at what I had to work with...

About 1 1/2 inches on this side. I could just barely nip the side of the back with my clamps. Keeping the quilting from going off the top is also a challenge, as most quilts aren't perfectly straight.

On the other side, the margin was even closer. 

Even with muslin added, I had only 2 inches at the top and bottom. 

The ladies that make these quilts do a great job of stitching accurately, and usually have generous allowances on the backing. Something went awry here, but I managed to get 'er done anyway. Yippee!!
I am pointing this out to you so you know why we ask for the back to be so much bigger than the top.
Changing gears, I also finished the second bed runner, and Mr W will be sending them off to Florida tomorrow. Feels good.

Same design as number one, but some of the fabrics are different.

Very simple quilting. The customer is adding button embellishments when she gets them back.

Same backing
Tomorrow is quilt guild, and we are going to play 'Quilto', the quilter's version of Bingo. I'm doing the calling, and we have fun prizes for the winners. I'll have to get my ducks in a row early, because February birthday people (me) have to bring snacks, too. Early A.M. I'll be baking. I'd better go to bed!
Good night.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Another weekend in the books

I started on Saturday, sewing the extra fabric to the backing of the almost quilted quilt, and finishing the quilting. It turned out really nice despite my boo-boos. The customer came and got it, and was thrilled. Whew!

I'm so glad I fixed the borders! They are perfect now.

Panto: Frolic

The backing
I also finished number one of two bed runners from a man's clothing.

Each one is about 85 inches long.

The maker asked for flowers in the centers of the hearts where she plans to sew buttons from the clothing used in the runners.

The maker is also a fabric designer, and the backing is one of her fabrics.

After finishing the runner, I loaded the second vintage trip around the world quilt, and quilted it with the Baptist fan, like the other one. Right before quitting time, I got the binding made and sewn on for something to do during TV time. It was finished during Sunday Morning on CBS! 

Another twin quilt for the family to use
Made by their Grandma from clothes and aprons.
During the afternoon on Sunday, I made and finished this charity quilt from a kit. A small sewing group I belong to puts together the kits for various charitable causes. This one will make some man very happy, I'm sure!

The finished quilt

Panto: Woven wind

A look at the backing
Well, tomorrow I have to quilt the second bed runner and keep working on four quilts I need to make for a customer whose wife (the quilter) passed away and didn't get to finish. It will be a labor of love to make the four quilts from her fabric and patterns to be given to her siblings.
There's always something going on here at Wazoo!