Saturday, May 12, 2018

Charity quilt day.

I started the day with some charity quilting that I had put off because of our busy week. I hate to have these gathering dust when they need them for the nursing home. Now, they're all quilted and bound. I'm also expecting the next two Quilts of Valor from the piecer. Never a dull moment!

Some woman will love this...

it has soft flannel on the back!

Another pretty quilt for a lady

Panto: Flower Power

My third finish was this kaleidoscope quilt. I wrestled with the wavy borders, but it turned out well in the end. There are at least four more from this customer, so I am going to look harder for border wonkies before I load them on the machine! It is much easier to fix a border  than to adjust it while quilting.

I sense a purple theme going on today. 

Panto: Dragonflies

More purple!

I was working on the lap quilt project and stuck myself with a pin. I didn't realize it, but I had dripped blood on two places!! After some serious spot removal manipulation, the quilt is back to normal and air drying. I'll carefully tackle it tomorrow.
I finished the binding on the tee shirt quilt, too, and hope the customer likes both of the quilts I made for her.

All done!
We are enjoying beautiful weather here, and entertained our friends on the front porch with hamburgers hot off the grill. Birds were singing, the sun was setting and the conversation was easy and fun. Life is so good!!

Friday, May 11, 2018

A lovely day for some quilting

Today I finished the binding on the second tee shirt quilt, and quilted a stunningly beautiful modern quilt. The customer says it was easy to make because the fabric did all the work! I love the fabrics, the pattern, the quilting and the backing, too!!

The full Monty

A bit closer, and you can see the subtle gradation in the fabrics.

Panto: Yodel

Get a load of this wonderful backing fabric! I wish I had some...
Mr Wazoo completed this colorful quilt before digging and planting in the garden.

Simple blocks with a great design.

Panto: Quirky

Pretty botanical backing

Last night I sewed the first tow rows together on the lap quilting job. I have the next two pinned and ready for hand sewing tomorrow night. We are expecting company tomorrow, so my work day may be cut short. Hopefully, I'll get the stitch in the ditch started and well along on the African quilt. It has been patiently waiting for me to get going on the quilting. 
The gardens are filling out and everything smells intoxicating. The peonies are the showiest with their huge white and pink blooms. Too bad they are so short lived.

Mmmmm! I wish this was smell-a-blog.

More green than brown is a sure sign Spring has sprung.

Even the back garden is greening up!
Mr W got me some snack food at the store today...what is he trying to tell me?

Do you think it really works? We'll see.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

A fruitful day all around

I am so happy today! We now have fiber optic high speed internet out here in the boonies! The computer is so much faster, I can hardly believe it. Woo hoo!
Not much computing going on in the studio...we have been quilting and sewing like crazy people, trying to get the work load reduced a bit.

Mr Wazoo quilted this sun-shiny scrap quilt

Panto: Popcorn

I quilted this beauty on the APQS while doing some sewing to finish up a tee shirt quilt.

The fabrics aren't quite shabby chic, but they are soft and pretty.

Panto: Frolic
I did finish the tee shirt quilt top, and got it quilted. It is for the customer who is getting two queen sized quilts so she can have one in each of her homes. I'm all for that!!

Here's the top, ready for quilting.
Here it is, all finished...but for the binding.
Panto: Dazzle

Here is the backing

I have the rows sewn on the lap-quilting project, and I have the first two sewn together. I admire Georgia Bonesteel, but this method is a dud for tedious! I can understand why the customer is having me do it instead of her!
Rows ready to be sewn together.

I made  this charity quilt, and finished it today, too.
Quilted with a medium meander
The back, and the label
Yippee!! I finished the hand sewing on this quilt I have been repairing.
I washed it, and now, it is clean and fresh smelling.

I took a few more photos of the Spring blooms around the yard before quitting for the day. It was a warm enough day to have to close the windows and start the AC. Who knows? With the crazy weather we have been having, tomorrow the windows may be open and we'll be back in the sweatshirts! Quilting, of course!
More beautiful peonies have opened!
These little pink flowers are a surprise.
The seeds must have been in the gravel Mr W put down last fall.
The front garden is starting to fill in nicely.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Whirlwind weekend.

It has been a quick few days of fun here at Wazoo, because of a visit from our youngest daughter. Saturday was her  (and her twin's) birthday, and we celebrated in style!We took a lovely Spring drive over to Hayesville, NC to the Copper Door restaurant. The food there is beautifully presented and delicious. Being the swankiest eatery in this area makes it a magnet for special dinners out, so we weren't surprised when the place filled up with young prom couples in their finery. We had a great time there.

Birthday girl with her dessert

On Sunday, we ventured out to Brasstown Bald, the tallest peak in Georgia. Mr Wazoo stayed home and quilted while we had fun looking around and enjoying the breeze.

The kids walked up the trail to the top. I rode the shuttle!

Its always comforting to see your daughter off down the trail and then see this sign...

A view of the top.
From the circular observation deck you can see NC, TN, SC and (of course) GA.
Back at home, Mr W played chef and we all enjoyed another birthday dinner. This time, al fresco!

Brats for all!!

Happy Birthday!

The weather was perfect for outdoor dining.

Once the kids were on their way back to NC, we set to work on the quilts clogging up the rack and did all these.

There are three projects in this photo, but only the top one is ready to go home. Embroidered frogs!! How cute are they?

I plan to totally use the chain block in my Rte 66 quilt...
This scotties quilt is so retro.

The customer told me that the chickadees on this quilt are cut from a panel! I love it.

Ready for Spring with pieced birds.

In the man cave we have this classic pattern.
Outside, things are blooming. We have been fortunate enough to sleep with the windows open for a week now. I'll be sad to have to turn on the AC. Life is good.

Aaron took this picture of our humble homestead with his drone. It was really cool to watch it fly around!