Saturday, May 26, 2018

Too busy (and tired) to post

 Well, almost a week since the last post. Mea culpa! We have been quilting and gardening and doing guild activities. The week just flew by. Let's get caught up, shall we?!
I finished the two quilts of valor and sent them on to the binding person. Mr Wazoo has been splitting his time between garden duties and quilting, but has kept up with the work very well.

Mr W did the panto part of this quilt with the design, Paisley. I custom quilted the medallion in the center.

The customer tells us that this is the crest of the church the recipient is pastor of in Rhode Island. The quilt is a gift.

The second quilt of valor

Panto: Simply stars
I also started work on my next repair project, a much loved trip around the world quilt. Whole rows of fabric are worn out, exposing the lumpy batting inside. I'll be working on this one for a long time.

The customer is a girl going off on her own when she graduates from college. She has had this quilt since her childhood and wants it in her new home.
The five squares in the very center are completely gone.
Rows in need of TLC
Oops! There is a big rip in the border here.
This quilt was made by a group of friends for the family of their quilting buddy who recently passed away from cancer. They requested the blue stitching in the light areas, not something I would ordinarily do.
Custom quilted on the APQS
From the back
Mr Wazoo quilted this modern quilt. I love the fabrics.
Panto: Yodel
The back is also pieced
Does this look familiar? One of the Block of the Month ladies finished her quilt, and I got to quilt it!
I used a digital pumpkin seed panto that mimics one of the quilt's fabrics.
I did this Minnie Mouse quilt, too.
Panto: Stacked snailz
I also quilted this sweet lap quilt
Panto: Frolic
My sister made this colorful quilt.
Mr W quilted it with Yodel
My sister made this one, too! Blue and yellow...Yum!
Panto: Small splat

I don't remember if I told you about the customer who unexpectedly passed away a few months ago. She was a fun lady who loved to quilt. Her husband brought over her last project (about half made) and asked if I would finish it for him to give to one of her siblings. Sure, why not.
Later, he brought two truck loads of fabric and I am now making the last four quilts she had the fabric for and hadn't started. It took a while to dig through the large bins he brought and find the actual quilt fabrics. This woman liked all sorts of crafts and she had bins and bins of unrelated stuff.
The fabric I put together for the second quilt is really pretty. French General from Moda. It has the nicest feel to soft! I need to put together two more fabric combinations to finish the project. I think about Louise and smile while I work.

This was Louise's last project, and my first finish for her family.
I can't remember the name of the panto...
I later added the red, black and gold stripe binding. It is finished!
This is the second quilt I made for another sibling. Here it is as a flimsy. I quilted it today and have the binding ready to apply tomorrow.Lovely fabrics. I'll get a picture tomorrow, too.

 I'll be taking a break from the sibling quilts to get a couple of tee shirt quilt orders put together. I think I can cajole Mr Wazoo into quilting them for me...We'll see. 
May is winding down and we are running headlong into Summer! Beautiful sunny day today...but some showers tonight. Not too hot, nice mountain breeze...I'll take it!