Thursday, May 31, 2018

Rain, rain, rain, rain

Today, it stopped raining ... for a bit. I'm glad we live on a mountain and not in a valley! The river and lake are really high and about to overflow their banks. We just get on with it and pray for the rain to stop soon.
On the quilting front, we haven't stopped to do anything but eat and sleep. I hope we never get this piled up again. I love the work, but I am stressing out over all the sewing I have to do and how it eats into my quilting time. Hopefully, when all the graduating is done and the tee shirt quilts have moved into their new homes, I'll get a little breather. I am not taking any more custom work for a while. The repair work is so wonderful, I'd rather do that. And quilt, of course. There has to be a balance between work and creativity, and mine is out of balance right now.
Here is what a week at Wazoo looks like. Fasten your seatbelt!!
The second family quilt finished and bound

I quilted this Cars quilt with race cars!

It has a minkie back

Mr Wazoo did this quilt with the panto, Paisley

The first of two tee shirt quilts, prepped and ready to sew

I quilted this lovely quilt

The panto is a new one, Flowing Leaves

Our second Christmas quilt for 2018!

Mr W used the panto Holly Ribbon, and metallic gold thread

He also quilted this Christmas quilt for the same customer

Panto: Snowflakes

The second tee shirt quilt, cut and later prepped and now ready to sew.

Mr W did this one, too. I don't know if they are lamps or bird houses...

Panto: Yodel

First tee shirt quilt quilted, bound and ready to go

Panto: Stipple

I did two modern quilts for an art quilting customer

Panto: Bubblicious

Same customer...Sort of a modern sampler

Panto: Yodel

Mr W busy again, quilting this outer space beauty

I wish you could see the shiny thread...

It has a pieced back, too. And a whirly, swirly panto.
In the evenings, I have been repairing the trip around the world quilt. All the pink squares are done, and I am on to the next print. The more I work on it, the more places I see that need to be fixed!
I'll be at it for a while, I recon.
Tomorrow, I will be starting a custom job while trying to get the second tee shirt quilt sorted. I think I can get it made by the weekend and have it back to the new grad.
Meanwhile, Molly went to a new groomer who cut her mustache off! Mr Wazoo didn't think to tell them how he wanted her clipped, so we'll just have to get used to a pointy faced dog until it grows back. She is still my Molly, just a bit comical looking.

At least she smalls nice...

Same bright eyes and fun smile, though.
Time to hit the hay for me. I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon, so I want to get in the studio early and get something accomplished. Ta for now!