Saturday, June 30, 2018

Happy quilting

It was a fine day for quilting today! Plus, it wasn't raining!! I began by quilting the second Quilt of Valor, and getting them both wrapped and ready to send on Monday. The second one looks more like I expect QOVs to look. Very patriotic and pretty.

Cute bowtie pattern

Panto: Star Swirl

A peek at the back
Mr Wazoo worked n the studio all morning and finished this quilt. The customer came later and picked it up.

Perfect camping theme for the summer

Panto: Forest Floor

She pieced the back, too.

When I paused for lunch, I had some toast with a taste treat of homemade strawberry rhubarb jam, made by my Wisconsin farm friend. It was tart and yummy!

PB&J on toast! Yum!
I took advantage of the early finish on the QOV and loaded the antique block quilt after lunch. It went smoothly and looks fine. I plan to display it on one of the quilt ladders in the guest room.

Civil War era monkey wrench blocks, reproduction double 4 patch blocks, and 1960s backing

Panto: Baptist Fan

Not bad for 77 cents a yard!

I managed to get the courthouse steps blocks made and sew up several rows together on the quilt kit I bought on the shop hop. Its coming along nicely, and I think it will be a great quilt for someone from Wisconsin!

The alternate blocks are all about Wisconsin!

I didn't take 'before' pictures (again...) of the emergency repair quilt, but here it is, repaired and ready to go home tomorrow. I replaced 36 pieces and mended a few tears at the seams. I will tell the customer not to wash it again unless she uses the gentle cycle and quilt friendly soap. Thankfully, the cotton ploy border and backing wear like iron, so no damage there. I'd love to know the story behind this multigenerational quilt, but never will. The owner has senile dementia. He just wants his quilt back. Another unsolved mystery that involves a quilt.

You all have sharp eyes! Do you see the repairs? Let's look closer...

The entire brown plaid block has been replaced. The brown plaid that was there had disintegrated in the wash.

Four pieces here

Five pieces here

Just one piece here, and no, its not the floral one. That was already there!

My daughter thinks I have 'tennis elbow', or tendonitis, in my arm. She suggested trying this compression band. It works pretty well! I had way less pain. We'll see how it does tomorrow.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Getting back into the swing

Today started with icing my foot so I could stand long enough to quilt something. Somehow, I hurt my foot about a month ago and it just keeps hurting. My daughter the PA thinks I have a bone spur on my heel. I really need to get it looked at...really...
Once it was frozen enough, it was off to work!
First, I put the last border on the antique blocks quilt. I found some fabric a customer gave me that her grandma had stored away before she died. (People gift me all sorts of fun sewing and quilting things) Its a full 45 inches wide. The stickers I found on the fabric every yard will tell you just how ancient it is!! And yet, it is clean and doesn't stink!! HA! What a coup. Six yards. Just enough to use for the backing. I didn't think to take a picture of it, drat! You'll see it later when the quilting is done.

Lining up the stripes to match on the borders

The quilt top, all finished!!

I'd love to find this on fabric now, wouldn't you!?
On the Wisconsin shop hop, I bought this sweet panel and some of the coordinating fabrics. While the computer chugged away on a Quilt of Valor, I made this little quilt for our guild outreach group.

Once again, I needed to cut the fabric carefully so the print went the right direction on the borders.I love the panel.
At the same time as the sewing, I quilted the first of two Quilts of Valor that came in while I was gone. I do two a month for the national organization.

I was a bit confused to see this when I opened the package, but I quilted it.

Panto: Star Swirl

Well, the back is blue...
The second QOV is loaded for tomorrow, and I got out another shop hop purchase to sew while quilting it. I got the project at one of the shops on sale because it was the quilt for the hop two years ago! I don't care...I liked it better than this year's quilt. It should be fun to make. Stay tuned!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Home from Wisconsin

I haven't had my computer up and running for a few days, so this blog post is a bit tardy. Last time I posted, I had finished the shop hop and was off to Madison to visit my daughter. The drum and bugle corps was rained out, so we went to my son's to visit, share a pizza and play with little Dechen.
The next day, we were off to Green Bay with my high school chum, Georgia, and ready for adventure. We had tickets to the Hall of Fame, and the Legends tour at Lambeau Field! The stadium has been upgraded and is now the destination  to see for Packer fans everywhere.
In the evening, we all went to the James Taylor/Bonnie Raitt concert at the Resch Center next door to the stadium. They were fabulous! Over three hours of music shared with fans who couldn't get enough. Three (or was it four?) encores later we walked to the Hinterland Beer pub and lifted a glass to good friends and good times.
Next day we were on the road through the beautiful countryside to visit my friend from Florida on her farm. She has made a lovely home for her husband and two dogs, and does all the things proper country ladies should do. We went away with homemade jam and jelly, some nut bread and a Brynwood Needleworks pin cushion! Wowser!
I listened to  an audible book on the way back to Georgia, and caught up on my Number One Ladies Detective Agency series. I rolled in at 11:30, unloaded the car, and laid down for a quick nap. I didn't make it to the guild luncheon...I slept until 4:00, missing the whole afternoon.
I'm sufficiently recovered from my journey, and returned to work today, finishing a repair for an anxious customer, and storing away all my acquisitions from the shop hop. At day's end, I sewed a bit on the antique blocks quilt, sewing the blocks together and adding three of the the borders. I'll finish the top tomorrow afternoon.
There it vacation. I made a little slide show of Green Bay and my friend Donna's farm. I'll be back to quilts tomorrow!! It's good to be home.

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