Saturday, July 28, 2018

Saturday quilt marathon

 Mr Wazoo spent the day digging and planting and generally having a good time outdoors. It was a perfect day for it, sunny and mild. Molly and I stopped to say hello on the way to the studio.

Coneflowers enjoying the sun

Digging holes for his new shrubs, Mr W is in his element.

I wanted a nice picture of the glorious hydrangea, and then I spied this...

What the heck?! These leaf bugs are everywhere!!

Molly and I left him to it, and began our day in the studio.

First, I loaded a comfort quilt for the guild, and started quilting it while I made the binding for the giant quilt from yesterday. The one thing I like about the APQS, is that once I have the quilt loaded and the settings entered into the computer properly, it can do a row without me looking at it every second. This gives me a few moments to sew while the row is being quilted. I sewed the blocks from yesterday, and put them on the design wall. I'll tackle the rest of the sewing later. It is a free pattern called Belle Wave.

Blocks on the wall. I tried a gray background...I'm not sure I like it. It looks a bit dingy.

Yikes! This quilt is big and the binding process looked like a quilt volcano on my sewing table.
I finished the comfort quilt and went on full speed to quilt three smaller charity quilts. One has been bound, and I will do the other ones )and the comfort quilt) tomorrow.

Comfort quilt.
Made by guild members for a member who is having a n especially difficult time with their life.
Its a hug every time they wrap up in the quilt.

Panto: Flower Power

The binding is the same fabric as the back. I'll do that tomorrow.
Charity quilt number one is bound and ready to go!
Panto: Woven Wind
Charity quilt number two. Clever crayons!
Simple meandering quilting
Charity quilt number three with tropical fish

It's easier to see the fishy panto on the back.
Big quilt...done!

Friday, July 27, 2018


I'm not sure the whole TGIF thing applies to us here at Wazoo. There are customers coming tomorrow, and I have a huge binding to do for a customer coming on Sunday! The work never stops here...well, maybe not never. I did sneak in a bit of sewing for fun around 5:30 when things slowed down.
Here is what took me all day to do. 100" x 120". That's a big quilt.I have to make and apply the binding tomorrow!

Pinwheel bargello on a massive scale.

Panto: African Samba

It shows up well on the grunge backing
I also quilted this oriental quilt. It gives me an idea of what I could make with all my oriental stash.

It was fun looking at all the different fabrics while I did the quilting.

Panto: Vortex

A peek at the back.
Mr Wazoo quilted a good part of the day, then he made a short trip to the plant nursery for some new stuff. He plans to be in the garden all day tomorrow. Good thing he got his work done today!

I really like the colorful quilts!..

With surprising backs!

Panto: Tickle

A more traditional looking strip quilt

Panto: Small Splat
We have a couple of new garden gee-gaws we got at the Butternut Creek festival here in town last weekend. Two more bird houses, and a flying pig. The red bird house has had tenants since we bought it last year, so we added a couple of neighbors. The flying pig caught my eye, and is now cruising over the Russian sage in the rock garden.

Primary colored condos.

Our flying pig
And finally, I did some sewing and half made some blocks. I'll sew them up tomorrow and see how they look. A girl just needs to play sometimes. 

Pile-o block bits

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Featured speaker Andi Barney

Guild yesterday was more fun than I have had in a long time! First, I got to sit, eat cookies and observe the new president try to read bad handwriting instead of me doing it. What a joy to be finished with my term as president. I'm doing programs and workshops now, as well as co-chairing the Quiltfest in 2019. Oh yes...back to guild.
The presenter was a dynamo gal from Red Hen quilt shop in Marietta, Andi Barney. Andi gave a wonderful slide presentation of modern quilts and the explained the movement in the quilting world, as well as a trunk show of her quilts and quilts from the shop! What better way to spend a Tuesday afternoon?

Don't get confused...Andi isn't in most of my pictures. These are guild volunteers holding the quilts.

The range of design in Andi's work is interesting. She revealed that she loves the color gray...

I noticed a lot of lime green, too. My favorite color!

This one is still a flimsy. I have quilted a couple of these quilts for customers and they all look different.

Yummy collection of fabrics in the blocks

I like this, but it has too many hexies for me to even think about making!

Snow dyed fabric in this wholecloth.

The sewing machines are too cute!! And lime green!!

Andi is the one with the bright green hair. Most of the pictures don't have her in them.

Curved edge nine patches.

The rest of the quilts shown were shop samples, so I sat down and enjoyed the show. These in my blog are Andi's quilts.
After guild, I went home to find Mr Wazoo hard at work on this quilt. He finished it just after I arrived. Today, he traveled to South Carolina to visit his mother. It was a quiet day of blanching and freezing green beans from the garden and catching up on office work.
The big Kaffe Fassett quilt from our bed is in the wash, so I had to switch to the more traditional one. Dig my sweet bear pillow cases! We love them even though they don't match anything. Egads, I have no style what so ever!!

Adding color to the man cave is this customer beauty

Panto: Trailing Vine

Well, I guess you can't see it on the back either.

Bedtime at the Slatons.
When your bed starts to smell like a dog...wash the linens!