Saturday, August 4, 2018

Doing time with my daughter

No rest this weekend! My daughter and her boyfriend are visiting, so Mr Wazoo got it in his head to go through the boxes in the garage. We managed to get through about half, while ooh-ing and ah-ing over family photos from long ago. Glassware, miscellaneous books, games and puzzles. Some dishes, old yarn, sewing stuff and books. We emptied about 20 boxes and Mr W was happy to get  a couple of shelves back in the garage! Tomorrow, we have to clean up after ourselves and get the stuff going to the thrift shop in the truck. I may not have been quilting, but I felt good anyway!

The studio is awash with boxes of stuff!

We staged them on the cutting table and sorted into keep, thrift shop, trash, and sell.

I hope we get it all cleaned up tomorrow...

During the day on Friday, I finished the repair of the antique quilt, made the backing, quilted it and applied the binding. It went through the wash and is now as good as new!! I'm excited to send it back to the Texas owner and see if she is pleased. I sure would be.

Quilting finished

Baptist fan quilting

Double pink reproduction fabric for the backing

Washed and more vibrant than ever!!

I sure wasn't prepared for how good it would look. The old top was really dirty before washing.

Mr Wazoo quilted this pretty quilt on Friday, before giving the lawn a haircut and weeding the garden.

I do like the colorful quilts!

Panto: Dazzle
Hopefully, we'll have the garage cleaned and the studio straightened out before the kids leave... We'll see.


Monday, July 30, 2018

All bound up!!

Quilts, that is. Five quilts all bound and ready to go home. I quilted the last of the charity quilts and started all the bindings.

Panto" Funky Fans

I thought this stripe was perfect for the binding.
Here are the other quilts, all with their bindings on!

Comfort quilt

Fishy quilt

Strippy quilt number one

Crayon quilt
We had some company in the studio today, too. Our friend came over to 'test drive' the big Gammill and the little Gammill. She is thinking of pulling the trigger on a longarm and wanted to discuss it with us and get a tour of the machines and how they operate. We are always happy to help anyone who wants to know more about what we do.
After work, I took a little tour of the yard and admired Mr Wazoo's gardening prowess. It is so wonderful to be able to enjoy all this natural beauty every day. It almost takes the sting out of going to the dentist bright and early tomorrow morning...

This is fun! There are more 'volunteers' growing under the hanging pot than there are in the actual pot! Mr W didn't plant the ones on the ground, they are from seeds that fell during the storms and wind we had early in the season. I think he needs to plant some there next year!