Friday, August 10, 2018

Blog snafu

Oh my goodness!! I have been trying to get on my blog for a couple of days, and finally got the help I needed from Google. Thanks for your concern...I didn't think I would ever figure it out! I miss having a young person here to fix computer things!
On Monday, I took a roadtrip to Chattanooga with my friend Kay and we attended the class for our Bernina 770s. Mine was already there getting its check-up,and we left Kay's there when we finished the class.I learned some new things and had my questions answered about functions I couldn't get to work right. It was a fruitful trip.

Baby's back and ready for action!
While I was off to Tennessee and doctor appointments here and there, Mr Wazoo took advantage of the rainy weather to get some quilting done. He has been having a good time with some pretty quilts.

You all know I love half-square-triangles, and this quilt shows them off very well.

Panto: Swirl and Twirl

Here is a new slant on a panel quilt

Deer in the pokey

Camouflage backing

This earthy colored quilt is manly looking.

Panto: Paisley

The back is a nice botanical print.
I wasn't slacking off, either. I did squeeze in this pastel quilt from the pattern 'Snowbirds'.

The pattern does look bird-like

Panto per request: Funky Fans

The backing is perfect colors for the quilt, too.
I also finished a repair I have been working on. There are 15 patches on this quilt, and new binding. I also sewed up some loose seams and a few tiny holes. I had the perfect colored fabrics in my stash for the job. Life is good!

I love how contemporary this 1930s quilt is. It is a giant courthouse steps block!
I am now doing a custom quilting job for a friend who made this memory quilt for a 90 year old woman , using her wedding gown, formals and her husband's ties. The stitch in the ditch took all day because the patches weren't all sewn down. Some were just glued in place. The photos were also glued on. A project like this takes a while to figure out what to quilt...I'll be thinking about it on the way to Gainsville with Mr W tomorrow. He has an appointment at the V.A. for his hearing loss.

The slinky and stretchy fabrics with no stabilizers are giving me a run for my money!!

This is what our sky has looked like for a few days. Rainy afternoons and cooler temps.

I picked up my new glasses today. They're purple!!