Thursday, October 4, 2018

Another finish!

Wow! This was the widest quilt I have done in a long time. 120 x 120". I started quilting (I had it loaded yesterday) at 10:15 this morning and took no breaks until it was done at 6:15. I only stopped to discuss the raffle quilt with my quilting partners for a few minutes. Long day, but well worth it. I'm off to beddy-bye now...I'm pooped!
From the back of the table.

From the front of the table.

For a giant quilt, it was square and well made.

Feather panto

Nice back was only 6 inches bigger than the front!
I impressed myself because I was able to quilt the thing without many problems.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Focus on repairing quilts

Here are the fruits of my labor for the last few days (and nights...) First, the top I made into a quilt is done, washed and ready for use.

All done and clean!

So many wonderful fabrics. I just look at them and smile. 

Panto: Clamshells
I also finished and washed the orange Dresden plate quilt.It looks really nice! 

The new and improved version
Tiny yellow patch in the center
Only one hole repaired on the back.

The last quilt to show you is this Quilt of Valor. I finished it yesterday, but couldn't get it trimmed and photographed until we returned from Cumming. We had to take the car down for a check-up and oil change. I guess I drive a lot...I have put on 6000 miles since buying it in June. Oops... Anyhoo, here's the quilt!
This quilt was made by a member of our local QOV group.
Panto: Simply stars
Starry backing, too!
I have the huge quilt loaded and ready to start tomorrow. I'm hoping I can finish it in one day. We'll see. Until tomorrow, then, good night!

Monday, October 1, 2018

Fun and games

Last week was a blur! Tuesday was the guild meeting, with a talk and slideshow from Hissyfitz' Sandy Fitzpatrick. Wednesday, Sandy's class (I got a bunch of hand work done waiting for something to do for her...). Friday...the foot doctor. It seems I may have torn something between my achilles and my foot. Drat! Next week, I go back for an MRI to see what the heck is going on. Until then, and maybe for 6 weeks, I have a lovely Frankenstein boot. It isn't pretty, but my foot feels better when I have it on, and standing on it doesn't hurt! Eureka!

Boot on, foot up, believe it or not...I'm quilting.

See?!  Ha ha ha. It is running and I am sitting!
Meanwhile, Mr Wazoo dutifully quilted in his cave and finished his work so he could do some gardening.

Cute jungle panel, made into sweet quilt.

Panto: Drip

Minkie backing makes it more cuddly

This lap quilt will also be cozy.

Panto: Popcorn

Thick fleece backing.
Then, things changed for the better. I went to the Asheville quilt show with friends and had a marvelous day. First off, my foot barely hurt in the big boot! Second, I won a ribbon!! 
I made a slideshow for you, too. There were 300 quilts, so you're only seeing the ones I liked...sorry. Please enjoy!