Saturday, October 27, 2018

Company whirlwind

We spent more time getting ready for company than we actually spent entertaining them! What a week! The best thing is that the house is spic and span, which is a rarity! Mr Wazoo's old boss and his wife,(and our best friends from when we lived in Door County, Wisconsin) were here for a couple of days of fun and stimulating conversation. We miss them, so it was a wonderful visit.

Me and Mrs B at Walasi-Yi, (or Mountain Crossings) where the Appalachian trail goes over Blood Mountain. It is located at Neel's Gap, the highest point on the trail in Georgia.

Mr and Mrs B ready to go to Alabama and bring joy to relatives there.
During a lull in the action, Mr W quilted the first of 12 quilts from one customer. We have to keep the nose to the grindstone with the quilting to get it all done in a reasonable time frame.Most of the quilts in the queue are for Christmas, and a couple of them for Thanksgiving.

I do love a colorful string quilt!! This is a dinger!

Panto: Yodel

The backs on almost all the 12 quilts are pieced. That tickles my quilty heart!
The next show for the Florida guild has a new entry rule... everyone has to have turned in a charity quilt. I can't remember if I sent them some, so I set to work making a couple off kid quilts today. The first one is construction equipment. Some boy should like it.

My favorite charity quilt pattern. I can make these in my sleep...

Panto: Time Warp

My grandson would go gaga over this fabric.
The second charity quilt is now a flimsy. I'll get it quilted and bound tomorrow. Mr Wazoo will send them on Monday.

Woof woof!! Same great pattern. I have made hundreds of these, and they all look different.
Mr W should be able to send the other quilts I worked on today, too! They are for the same customer, so I am quilting them both tout suite.

Number one is this pasta quilt

Panto: Trinity. 

Here's the back

I'm half done with the second one. You'll get a closer look tomorrow.
I have temporarily taken the appliqué quilt off the Gammill to get a rush order done. The customer needs this quilt quilted quickly as a gift for her Mother. Hopefully, this one will be ready to go by Monday, too.

Hawaiian fish will get Hawaiian quilting! Echo quilting was ordered, so I will be echoing like crazy!
Well, the guests are on their way, the fridge is full of food we didn't eat, (Mr W went out to eat twice without complaining!!...three times, if you count breakfast), and my house is clean and tidy, and we still have a bottle of good wine left. Maybe we should have guests more often!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Catching up

I haven't posted for a few days and I feel guilty. Our daughter came for the weekend to go to the Sorgum Festival again this year, so I was 'otherwise engaged', as they say. The weather couldn't have been better for the outing, bright and sunny with cool temperatures. Even wearing the big boot wasn't  too bad.

Carolyn went for a morning walk before going to the festival, and Molly was thrilled to see her coming home.

Even this fit gal had to breathe hard after the walk up the steep drive!

At Meeks Park, we came across this little squirrel eating his lunch. He had no fear of us and I was able to get in close for the picture.

There was a spot where people could stop and have a picture taken, so we did! Who could resist sitting on a colorful quilt?

Mr Wazoo reluctantly posed for a photo next to the sign for the moonshine man down the path.

Butternut Creek looked beautiful in the sunshine.
Back at home, I had finished another couple of the quilts in the queue while we watched the Badgers beat Illinois.

The last of the Quilts of Valor is done, and Mr W mailed them to Tennessee yesterday.

My QOV favorite panto: Simply Stars

This is a two sided tee shirt quilt I did, and the customer came just after it was hot off  the machine. No finished pictures for you, but she's happy with it. She is off to Florida for the winter.

I'm plugging along on this custom appliqué quilt. I figure it will be at least another week before it's done.
Mr Wazoo has the distinction of being the Employee of the Month due to his efforts with reducing the number of quilts, cleaning the house in advance of company, and putting a comfy pad under my rug at the Gammill. My friend made him this certificate. We laugh every time he gets the 'award'. After all, he is the only employee!! This one makes three times in five years. Ha!

This is a pretty swanky prize!

He finished this quilt as well as getting all the other chores done.

Panto: Quirky

This back didn't photograph well. It is a bright blue Grunge fabric.

In my spare time (ha ha ha) I cut out and sewed the blocks for a charity quilt for the Florida Guild. I will sneak some time here and there to get it sewn and quilted.

A 2-3-2-6 quilt ready to sew together.

Our friends from Wisconsin come today and we are excited to see them. It has been about ten years since we have been together, so I expect lots of happy conversation and fellowship. Then, we are expecting another couple from Florida to come, too. It will be a busy four days here in Georgia. I hope the weather cooperates and we are able to show them how beautiful it is here.
I think there will only be hand sewing going on for a few days, while we sit together in the evenings. I'm still slogging along with the never ending repair of the trip around the world customer quilt. I'm taking it to Texas, too, determined to get the repair done!!

Progress. The light blue squares and the row above them are all new. I will go back and hand quilt everything when the repairs are done.

The pink center of the quilt is also done. And quilted!

The light floral and the pink squares have all been replaced. I think I have done over 100 squares so far.
Just for is my son making Dechen's Halloween costume. He wanted to be Captain America, so here he is!

It looks like a joint effort.

All done!

A happy boy!