Saturday, November 17, 2018

Another week gone

I started my day with a trip to Murphy to see the foot doctor. The mountain views were so beautiful, with a dusting of snow their peaks and a layer of frost on the trees. It was pretty cold, but I didn't car has heated seats and a boffo heater! Two more weeks in the boot, then a new brace to wear for a few weeks more. He also told me some people have t wear a brace the rest of their lives to prevent more injury. My flat foot and old tennis-injured ankle may require a brace for comfortable walking in the future. We'll see.
I have the sashing made and the rows of the tee shirt quilt even lengths, so tomorrow, the quilt top should be finished! I also quilted another of the 12 quilts in the afternoon.

The pattern is the same as the last quilt, but with totally different colors.

Panto: Flower Power

The quilter has serious yardage of the Paris fabrics for the backings.
Mr Wazoo is still recovering from his horrible bug he picked up on our trip. He has been snorkeling the Theraflu and took some NyQuil tonight. I hope he feels better...the snoring is epic. Here is what he quilted today.

This lovely quilt is a surprise for a daughter from her Mom.

I love this panto: Wandering Daisies

Pretty quilt, pretty back.
Here is the next slideshow from Houston. It has the artsy quilts and the modern quilts. I'll post some traditional quilts tomorrow, for those of you who have been patiently waiting to see them. Now, I am going to read a bit and enjoy a good sleep! See you all tomorrow.

** For some reason, my Smilebox show won't post! I have tried for hours to get it on the blog, without success. The Smilebox support people don't work weekends, so I will try to have the slideshow posted on Monday, after I get it straightened out. So sorry!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Rain...snow...sun...What the heck?!

Overnight, we had a whopper of a wind and rain event, and now, the trees are all but bare. And, its cold!! We went straight to work and started quilting where we left off before the trip to Texas. The sun peeked out at mid-day and I thought it would clear off the clouds, but no dice. By late afternoon, it was gray and rainy again. It was perfect weather to get some sewing and quilting done, though...

I started with this strippy quilt, the fourth of the twelve from the same customer.

Panto: Woven wind

You can see the pattern better on the pieced back.

Mr Wazoo began with number five of the  12 quilts of Christmas

Panto: Splat

Ooh-la-la! Paris on the back
While I quilted the strippy quilt, I also worked on the tee shirt quilt I began in Texas for the woman we stayed with. It will be a gift for her granddaughter. There were so many calls and customer visits to drop off quilts, I still didn't get it all put together!! I have one more row to sew, and then, I will be pulling it all together and getting it into the quilting line.
Tomorrow, I have to go to the foot MD in Murphy, and that will pretty well blow the morning quilting plan.  I'm fairly certain the boot is staying on. My foot still hurts.

The second slide show from the Houston show is about Nature and Places. The art and modern quilts will be tomorrow, followed by more traditional quilts, then the special exhibits featuring the same pattern made in different ways. And to think I didn't even photograph all the quilts!! Yikes! Anyhoo, enjoy today's quilts!

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Now, its time for bed and it is lightly snowing. Go figure. I sure hope it isn't icy tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


We have been in Texas for 6 days and have had a fun filled trip so far. My Dad is in fine fettle for 96, and we have had him out on the town a couple of times. It’s been a good birthday for him, I think.
I haven’t been idle... I have been helping my hostess with making a tee shirt quilt for her granddaughter.

Next row laid out and ready to sew.

Addendum: Well, my good intentions went down the drain, and we are now home in Georgia with hundreds of show photos for you. I figure I will make a small slideshow each day until all the pictures have been seen. We'll start with the quilts that feature people and animals, as well as the actual people on the trip and at the show. Enjoy the first slideshow while I get some supper going.

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