Saturday, April 20, 2019

Hand stitching and more rain

I spent yesterday quilting the retreat raffle quilt, the Wisconsin quilt, and making binding for them. The big white embroidered quilt also needed binding, and I got that done, too. The day ended with pizza, ice cream and plans to go for a ride to Clayton to look at the azaleas and buy some annuals for the gardens in the morning.
The retreat quilt is ready for binding here.

Panto: Chantilly

Nifty graphic B&W backing.

My Wisconsin quilt. The pattern is from a class I teach. It's free on line and called  Garden Delight.
I have made four of these now.

Panto: Rounded square lattice

Soft flannel backing

There was to be no road trip today...
Poor old Molly was up and panting at 4:30 this morning when the big thunderstorm rolled through. This lasted for two hours or so, and Mr Wazoo took over the 'calm the pup' duty at 6 AM. I went back to bed and got the last hour and a half of sleep before starting my day.
Except for a half hour for lunch and another for supper, I did hand sewing all day in order to finish all three bindings, and the sleeve on the raffle quilt.
Now, I'm pooped and ready for a bit of reading and then sleep. It was a fruitful, but very soggy, day. We will sleep with the window open tonight! The temperature dropped twenty degrees after the storms went through.Maybe we'll get to Clayton tomorrow...

This one was biggest, so I tackled it first. I finished it at  noon.

I finished this binding and sleeve sewing at 7:30PM

Finally, I put the last stitches in my Wisconsin quilt at 11:15PM.

I blocked my daughter's last name for privacy, but thought I'd show how I do labels. It's sewn into the binding, then stitched down across the top.

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