Wednesday, February 13, 2019

On a roll with tee shirt quilts

Either this quilt is too late for Christmas, or really early! The combination of fabrics is really appealing. It will be a nice addition to the  customer's holiday decorations.

Very pretty Christmas quilt

Panto: Holly Berries

The backing is nice, too!

The big tee shirt quilt is done, and the customer will be surprised on Friday when she comes to pick it up!

The finished product!

I think the bicycle turned out well. The wheels, seat, chain hub and basket are all from tee shirts.

Panto: Techno. I pieced the back with bicycles and red check.
Another customer quilt came in, and is a wedding present for their son. The wedding is next month, and Mom made a quilt as a gift. It is made of soft flannels that look like woolens. I really like this quilt! Her batting is one I haven't used before by Pellon. It is way loftier than the Quilters Dream we generally provide to our customers. It made for a heavier, but more textural quilt. I just love it! I'm sure the customer's son and his bride will like it, too.

Great colors, easy but effective pattern and so tactile!

Panto: Woven Wind

Right down to the striped binding, this quilt is well thought out.  I'm happy she found me to finish it for her.
Meanwhile, I worked on another tee shirt quilt for a customer from down by Atlanta. I'm not a fan of the messages on the tee shirts, but I am also not one of those service providers who turns people away because I don't agree with them on some things. (Think: baker and gay couple's cake...) I'm sure the customer is a very nice and caring lady, but I am pro choice (not pro-abortion) and I have the sense to know that abstinence is a wonderful concept for teens, but frank conversation and access to reliable birth control should also be in the picture. I have three daughters and a son. We taught self responsibility and respect for others. I had to wonder what choices the place on the tee shirts offered. 

Quilt on the design wall, no sashing, cornerstones or borders yet.
I made these simple half square triangle blocks to fill the spaces where I didn't have enough shirts.
Thank you, Eleanor Burns for teaching me the twirling opposing seams to make the block lie flat.
Sashing, cornerstones and borders on, the quilting is half finished.
Here is a quick peek at a secret project I am working on. It still needs the stems, and then I can appliqué the pieces down. So far, so good!
Tomorrow, I get a haircut and finish the tee shirt quilt. Three days before the trip to Florida!
Top secret...almost!
I got a new chair for my evening handwork. It has a foot rest that just accommodates a little white dog.
She is proofreading my blog entry and being a nuisance!
Woof woof...