Thursday, February 21, 2019

Quilt show in Florida...the countdown!

I have been in Florida since Sunday, and haven't been idle! Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were judging days where I participated as a step in aid and a scribe. The quilts (all 310 of them) are beautiful and so exciting to see. Later, I will have a slide show of some of them for you, but won't be able to reveal any details on winners until after the reception tonight.

The room for the judging is where the guild meets. It is big and bright and perfect for judging. Maribeth Schmitt was the judge, and her judging form was a pleasure to fill out. Way less writing and a comprehensive list of what she's looking at that we marked with E, for excellent, VG for very good, G for good, S for satisfactory, and NI for needs improvement. The comments were kept to a couple of succinct sentences.

The tracker, registrar and scribes are at the left table. All the quilts are divided by category on the back tables. the tables in the front have a category of quilts stacked flat and ready to be judged. The next category of quilts is also ready on a set of tables behind the ones the ladies are standing by.

The right side of the room has a table for the awards person to keep track of quilts being held, and a table for the step in aids  where the quilt is re-folded and the label cover taken off, then returned to the category tables and put in ascending order to be transported to the venue.

Here, the fanners are lifting a quilt for inspection of the judge.

You may recognize this quilt from a recent blog post! She was very complimentary of the quilting.

Here is another quilt that I did for a friend. She also had flattering things to say about it.

Another quilt by the same customer as the last one, also praised by the judge.

When the judge is ready to select the ribbon winners, she has the held quilts put back on the table and begins her process of elimination. I swear you could hear a pin drop during this phase, followed by quiet whispers among the gallery after the winners are chosen. I love the suspense and the reveal! In the background, the step in aids are refolding a released quilt to be returned to it's table.

Today is set up, and I took a pass on that because I really shouldn't be doing heavy lifting until I have my stress test next week. So I am meeting a friend for lunch and then doing some retail therapy!
More to follow...
By the way, Mr Wazoo is lamenting the endless rain they are having at home. He hasn't been able to go out at all this week. I'm glad I'm not there, but ready for the drive back on Sunday. It is just too hot here, and the host couple's home has no air-conditioning because of a leak in the coolant hose. Night time is fine, but the evening is rather warm. And no-seeum bites...
Well, I'm off to town and some fun. See you on the flip side!
* yes, Adam is naked in the painting at the end of the room, but the congregation had such a flap over it, the artist blacked his bits out. Too funny.