Saturday, April 27, 2019


We are getting ready to go back to Georgia, but had a wonderful time here at the show in Paducah. The weather didn't cooperate fully, but we managed to see everything...and some things twice!
 I'll be back to work as soon as I get home. Mr Wazoo had quilted a hurry-up project for a customer, and I have to make and apply the binding. No worries. I have to make some do-re-mi to pay for my vendor purchases.
I'll post again when I get home, and let you see what I got. Until then, enjoy this little slideshow.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Slow progress...restful day

Sometimes we just need to do something calming. I needed a day of calm creativity to unwind before the Paducah adventure, and yesterday was the day for it. It may not look like much, but this is a full day's work, choosing fabric, preparing applique bits and sewing . Now, I'm ready to pack and get on the road!

I started by exercising my sewing brain. I made another pile of HSTs for Mr Wazoo's flannel quilt.
He keeps asking about it, and I feel I need to get it made.

So much for the tidy cutting table! Don't worry, I will have all this put away before I leave.
The creative process takes a lot of fabric and a lot of thinking.

Four to go. I have two more prepped, but quit at 7 pm to make supper!
I changed the color of the birds with the nest in row three. They didn't show up as purple birds. This is much better. Lots of tiny pieces to sew around...
Quite the challenge!

Monday, April 22, 2019

Busy Easter weekend

On Saturday, I worked in the studio, and Mr Wazoo quilted in the man cave. He finished a pretty string quilt that will be a gift for the quilt maker's pastor.

The quilt is a wonderful, scrappy one.

People from the congregation signed the blocks.

Panto: Square Spiral. Here is the back.
I quilted this lovely Kaffe Fassett themed quilt. I love the BQ patterns!

The colors are taken directly from the focus fabric

Panto: Stacked Snailz

A look at the back.
I also made a few more blocks for the folk art style quilt. It's fun to pick out the colors and various fabrics for each one. It may be a bit fussy, but I am enjoying the journey.

I've used wool, flannel, homespuns and cotton quilt fabrics.

I have a fabric with typewriter keys on it, and I thought the 'B' key would make a clever door for the bee skep. (Along with the bee fabric, too)

Here is where I decide how the blocks will look, and do the fusing and glueing.

Eight ready for the stitching part, and ten to go.
Mr Wazoo finished my dresser and moved it to the bedroom, too! I have moved my clothes in and have thinned out the closet congestion by putting some of the shirts in the old dresser. I use that small dresser for a nightstand.


After. He fixed the veneer, sanded the entire piece, painted it and did the detailing, polished all the hardware, and added drawer liners. Wonderful!!
We spent the afternoon on Easter with friends, chatting and having shrimp etoufe, salad and a nice dessert of home made cookies with vanilla ice cream. Yummy! Miss Molly had a fun afternoon with the dog and cats, and had to snooze with her toys in the evening. 

She's the big white fluffy one...
Tomorrow, I plan to do a bit of work and get my stuff ready to be packed for Paducah. It has been a nice weekend.