Friday, May 3, 2019

Multi tasking

 Sometimes I have a day where I got a lot of work done, but didn't finish anything! Yesterday was that day. I loaded a pretty red and white quilt and began quilting a particularly complicated pattern first thing when I got to the studio. It still had one row to go when 6pm rolled around. I should have it off the machine and trimmed this morning.

It was already pushing 6:30 when I finally gave up on finishing this quilt.
While I was quilting, I also began sewing down the applique bits on the triangle blocks.

The bunny block is done, and will get a bead eye later, as well as some embroidery on the flowers.

The pear tree is done.
The greens are all done for the first two rows, too.
I have a tee shirt quilt to do, as well, and some of the tee shirts were already sewn together by the customer. I took them apart, added interfacing to the backs, and prepped the remaining shirts. Unfortunately, the customer had already cut most of them, so I will be limited in the size of the finished blocks. I'll come up with something!

All prepped and ready to go.

Both of us quilted, too! Here is Mr Wazoo's work.

This is a cute and cuddly kid quilt!

Panto: Popcorn

What makes it cuddly is the pinkie backing.
I thought I'd leave you with what's going on outside. Spring came in quickly once the weather warmed up, and everything is finally green and lush. Mr W's work pays off in the beauty we get to enjoy every day.

Mr W laid this slate path himself, for easier access to the side garden.
This is the back garden from the other end of the house. I don't take enough photos from here.
The iris are blooming giant sized this year!
My vantage point for the yard is through the two windows on the right. The studio has a perfect vies of the front yard.
The side garden from the bottom of the hill.
The first peony is as big as a salad plate! And smells heavenly. Just a blush of pink on the outer petals.
There are birds in the red house. No neighbors, though.
Look hard and you'll see the nest on top of the yard light. Mr and Mrs bird watch us as much as we watch them!

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Moving along

Yesterday, I finished making the strip pieced blocks and the setting triangle. I auditioned several fabrics for the triangles, and settled on a red and blue check that reads purple from far away. Cool!
One possibility

Selection of blocks to choose from.

Final layout?

The audition winner!
I took in a bin of men's ties for a customer quilt, and will be doing that one soon. Meanwhile, I have a tee shirt quilt project to do. The customer started making the quilt, but became overwhelmed and quit. It's hard to start with parts already cut (and parts of the designs cut off), but I think I can fix the quilt and make an acceptable replacement with what I have. I did the un-sewing last night, and now, I am ready to start designing.
Here are the quilts we did yesterday. 

The colors in this bicycle quilt are fresh and happy.

Panto: Small Splat

Nice backing, too.

Mr Wazoo did this strip quilt. Scrappy is always wonderful.

Panto: Bayside.

The backing.
Time to start another day in the studio. Did I mention, I love my job?!

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Wasted day

The day started out fine, happily sewing strips into sets for the triangle block quilt. I also loaded another quilt and started the quilting. Halfway through the quilting I noticed some sparkling in a curve at the outside of my vision in my right eye. I thought I may have looked into a light or something and had that residual 'shadow' in my eye. No way... It became more and more colored and sparkly until it obscured my vision totally and was making me nauseous. I called the eye doctor and Mr Wazoo whisked me off to their office. Turns out it is a thing called Ocular Migraine. The bright sparkles and big white spot lasted about an hour, then faded into a behind-the-eyes headache. Lots of tests later, with dilated eyes, I went home and napped the rest of the day. I'm finally back to normal, but it scared the bejesus out of me, for sure!
Anyhoo, here is what I got done before the eyes went crazy. I hope tomorrow is normal!!

I finished two strip sets, and they made more blocks than I thought they would. I won't use more than two of any set in the finished quilt, but I wanted to see how they are going to look.

Just like I left it. Mr W took a picture for me so I could have something to post.
Tomorrow, I'll finish the quilt on the frame and make more strip sets.

Back in the studio!

I am happy to be back in my happy place and messing about with fabric. I put away all the stuff I bought without taking a picture of it all. My bad! Mostly, I just wanted to have a clean slate and get to work.
First, I loaded and quilted this customer project.
I think the fabric looks like those sun printed ones. It is a collection of panel pieces with printed fabric in every other square.

Panto: Butterfly Swirl

A peek at the back
While quilting the blue quilt I cut and fused the last two blocks for the triangle applique quilt. 
All the blocks are ready for the buttonhole stitching!
Mr Wazoo did one quilt, and then painted another coat on my rescued sewing machine cabinet.
This customer quilt reminds me of Wisconsin!

Panto: Trailing vine

Cute pieced back
Mr Wazoo quilted this while I was in Paducah, and I added the binding when I got home. It has already left the studio with the quiltmaker, bound for a new Grandbaby!
Made with a bright jelly roll

Panto: Ebb and flow
I bought some heat reflective fabric in Paducah to re-do the big ironing surface. Mr W applied it and the new fabric, too!
Reflective side. There is soft flannel-like stuff on the back.

All done! I'm sure it won't look this pristine for long...
I got the strips cut from a huge assortment of stripes and plaids, mostly homespuns, for the alternate blocks in my triangle quilt. I hope to get some sewn and cut today.

Piles of fabric to put away!

Strips waiting to be sewn.

I took some flower pictures after work. The Lenten roses are blooming and look so pretty with the purple vinca.

Aren't they sweet?

Tickseed opened, too!

All because of this hard working gardener! Enjoying a beer at the end of his day.