Monday, May 6, 2019

Some quilting and some flowers

This tee shirt quilt is really frustrating me! I should have been finished with the top today, but the measuring and piecing are quite fiddly and annoying. That's what I get for trying to make it more interesting than just rows of squares.

It took all day to get this far!

I accomplished one thing...I quilted this lovely log cabin quilt.

You have seen this panto a few times lately. I can't help it, it is perfect for this quilt. Paradise Feathers

Even more beautiful from the back.

Molly and I strolled through the gardens to relax a bit before I had to get supper going.
The iris are huge this Spring.

The mountain laurel are starting to open up from the 'kissy' pink flowers to the  tiny white bells. They are so delicate and pretty!

I have forgotten the name of these pink flowers. We have had them in most places we've lived.

Now, the darker pink peonies are opening up!
I should be able to pick a couple tomorrow.
Their scent is heavenly.

The drift roses are loaded with buds and blooming, too.
Are you seeing the trend in color? Mr W loves pink flowers.

I cut this peony to have indoors. It is as big as my outstretched hand!

Wow! Something blue! The hummingbirds go crazy for these.

The little willow shrub is still frilly and sweet.

The leaves (or flowers?) are pink and have spots. So pretty.

We call this tickseed, but that may not be the real name.
I like it because it's bright and happy.

I put the peony in a little vase I picked up in France. It is right over the sink, so I could admire and smell it while working in the kitchen!
Tomorrow I'm off to a meeting, and then a trip to Walmart for travel supplies and snacks.Wednesday will be a packing day, then we're off on our adventure!

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

The only reason I know about Cinco de Mayo is because it is my twin's birthday. They turned 42 today. My babies!! Oh well, they say there is always a party somewhere for their birthday.



I spent the day in the studio quilting and sewing. Mr Wazoo also spent some quality time in the man cave, completing another customer quilt. We are working until we walk out the door for the big Texas/Arizona trip.
Hopefully, I will get the tee shirt quilt done before we go. I'll be taking the trip around the world repair with me, and will work on it during the car ride and hotel downtimes. I am determined to get it done!!

Shirts sorted and placement tentatively done.
Now, the real sewing starts!

Mr Wazoo did this pretty log cabin in the man cave. 

Panto: Come Dance With Me

Nice colors front and back.

Making progress on the shadow part of the tee shirt quilt.

Meanwhile, I plugged along on another customer log cabin quilt.

Done with the shadows, I will sew the light blue background bits tomorrow.

Quilting like crazy!

Another rainy weekend with some pretty quilts to brighten up the day. Friday, I worked  on the newly dismantled ties, getting them pressed and ready for interfacing. The Millie and I also finished the quilt from the day before.

Everyone who came to the studio commented on this quilt. It is another beauty made by my sister!

She requested Paradise Feather for the quilting.

The wild flower backing is especially pretty.

Pressing the ties yielded tons of threads. My new ironing board cover looked like the ties were disintegrating!

I went through an entire roll of sticky roller sheets cleaning up the threads!

But, the ties survived, and are now waiting to be fused, cut and sewn.
At the end of the day, the next quilt was loaded, and ready for quilting.

Dresden plates on Red Bull!!

Saturday started out as beautiful as Friday, but turned to a stormy, rainy day by lunchtime. Rainy days are always good for quilting! I finished the Dresden plate quilt and quilted an eye popping lap quilt. The tee shirt quilt will be sewn Sunday. I made the plan for it and have the blocks trimmed and the supporting fabrics selected and cut. 

Even a rainy day can't get me down when I get quilts like this to do!

I used Funky Fans for the panto

Wowser!! Look at this one! I love the bright colorful prints.

The customer asked for Stacked Snailz for the pattern, and I think it looks great.

The backing is wild, too.
The big storm knocked out the power for a few hours in the afternoon, but the new generator started right up and we kept on keeping on. I would say that was some money well spent! The generator has kept the lights on and the machines running several times since we had it installed. Everything calmed down in the evening, and I am hoping for a sunnier tomorrow!
Molly, too.

Hangin' in the porch after the rain.