Saturday, June 8, 2019

Productive work day

I have been quilting a customer project for a few days now, and today I finished it! And before Christmas, too!! ha ha

A beautiful 12 days of Christmas quilt

Two of the five golden rings, and the ladies dancing

The ubiquitous partridge in the pear tree.

Festive backing
Mr Wazoo was stuck indoors again today because of the rainy weather, so he quilted also. 

The color placement on this scrappy quilt adds its sparkle

Panto: Small Splat
I'm making what I thought was to be a relaxing, easy quilt to occupy the few moments I have each day to goof off in. Boy, was I wrong! I must have a spacial defect of some sort, because I have had to un-pick the blocks in every row but the last one. I kept sewing the black and white triangles to the wrong sides of the rail fence blocks. After many fits and starts, I am about half done with the blocks. Maybe tomorrow I' ll get the hang of it and finish the top!

After two days(about three hours) I managed to get this far. Not one of these blocks was right the first time! ha! Loads of picking later, it looks a bit better.

Amazingly, I didn't throw a fit or swear, but quietly took them  apart and tried until I got them going the right direction. Much better.
Earlier this evening, we had a nice dinner out (you may gasp in disbelief now...) with friends. It was a birthday celebration for the husband, and even Mr W said he had a good time. Any night that ends with cake and ice cream is a good one, don't you agree? Thanks guys, for a grand night out.

Friday, June 7, 2019

East Cobb County Quilt Guild 2019 show highlights

I took the day off yesterday to travel to Marietta for the Cobb County show. I had quilts there, and so did some of my friends and customers! Despite the rain, it was a fun outing.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

A good day for quilting.

We finally got some rain today, and the gardens are happy for it. Mr Wazoo was stuck indoors for a while, so he quilted. I quilted, too... and vacuumed, answered what seemed like 100 phone calls, and sorted my stack of magazines to donate to the quilt fest boutique. Just another day at Wazoo.

Big green bird quilt.

Oops! My favorite photobomber.

Panto: Splat

Cute feather backing keeps the theme going.

Mr Wazoo did this modern baby quilt.

I like the quilt pattern, and the panto, Popcorn, is a perfect choice.

Pieced backing, too!

The grumpy ladybug quilt

The panto is Argos. It is a big, leafy pattern.

This dot fabric is wonderful.

The backing fabric is also colorful and leafy.

Lots of quilts waiting to go home!
I sewed a few blocks at the end of the day. I now have three quilts in progress, and none near completion. Pretty soon, I'll have to get going on one of them!

Not much to look at yet.
A little bird called me tonight and told me I had won a ribbon in the East Cobb quilt show. Sure enough, I looked at the winner's list and saw my quilt, Sunday Afternoon, won third place. Henry won Honorable Mention for his quilt and my customer won Honorable mention for hers! Yippee!

Henry with his quilt, always a crowd favorite.

My quilt

My customer's quilt.

I snapped a quick picture when the rain let up. The color is a bit off, but the lily is still pretty!
Tomorrow, I am off to the show to visit my quilt.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Weekend working

Busy weekend, making progress, feeling good. I'm coming up for air after two intense days of quilting and prepping for sewing. Sometimes I feel time closing in on me and it is not a good feeling. Today, I am feeling better because the workload is visibly smaller and manageable. Let's take a look!

On Saturday, Mr Wazoo quilted this two sided tee shirt quilt.

Panto: Bayside

This is the back side. He did a great job keeping everything lined up, didn't he?

I finished the quilting on the vintage block quilt

Panto: Funky Fans

The backing is a really soft white fabric.

It took all day Saturday to press the men's tie pieces to the light interfacing. What a tedious chore!

The final quilt I loaded on Saturday was a challenge. 

I added the white strip at the top of the backing to make it big enough to load and quilt. As you can see, the sides are a mere two inches bigger than the quilt. So difficult to clamp and to do the quilting. Grrrr!!

It was a smallish project, so I loaded it and quit for the day before frustration reached its peak.
Sunday morning I ate a leisurely breakfast before tackling the tight backed quilt I had loaded the night before. The quilting was a bit tricky, but I got it done! Yippee! The next quilt posed no problems, and I was able to make and apply bindings for three customer quilts.

Binding finished !

Quilting finished!

Panto: Vortex

Bright red backing.

Binding finished on the cups quilt.

Next in line was this cute embroidered baby quilt.

Panto: Popcorn

Sweet blue backing

Binding finished on the drop shadow tee shirt quilt.
Today, I also quilted two customer projects. The two customers brought in their quilts at the same time, and must have liked the same pattern! Unfortunately, they also had the same problem with too small backing. I was not able to do one of the quilts because the backing and top are exactly the same size. That one is going back for repair.

I think this one is going to be a table runner or a wall hanging.

Panto: Curved plaid squares

I'm loving this bright polka dot backing!! Yummy!

The second quilt was this string quilt. Don't you love scrappy string quilts? I sure do!

Panto: Modern Twist

The backing is a funky retro fabric. Her stash must be huge.

I'm making progress on the custom quilt. Still stitching in the ditch, doing the applique now.

I loaded this very big quilt before quitting for the day.  Hopefully, I'll get it done tomorrow. I have to buzz over to Blue Ridge to drop off some quilts, and work will have to fit around that trip.

The tie bits are rough cut. I need to press them one more time before starting the block piece cutting. I hope to be sewing them soon!

My five quilts for the fiber arts exhibit are ready to go. I had to sew sleeves and labels on four of them. Yuk. At lest that's done and I won't have to think about it again for these quilts.

Mr W ended his day by giving Molly a bath. She is all fluffy and sweet smelling now.
I promised myself an early night, so I had better quit rambling on. Morning dawns early, and I plan to be ready to go!