Thursday, June 13, 2019


I woke up suddenly at 4:30 in the morning with an extreme pain in the left side of my back up to my shoulder. I don't know what happened (I was asleep) but I knew it was bad. I paddled around the living room, took some Ibuprofen, put an ice pack on it, and dozed in my recliner until 7:00. The pain is still there, and is worse when I take a breath in, but I had to go to Hayesville and the 4-H class. The kids were just as wonderful as they were on Monday, and every one of them finished their backpacks. Huzzah!! Next week, they make pillow cases.

Ranging in age from fifth graders to high school sophomores, the group was engaged and happy to be there.Each one of the kids was proud of their accomplishment. We're proud of them, too!

A job well done!
Once at home, there was more Ibuprofen, more ice and a nap. I didn't sew at all.😕
Tomorrow I am off to Cumming to get the background fabric for the tie quilt. Hopefully, a day off will cure the kink in my back...

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Dresden plate!

After I finished quilting this customer quilt, I worked in earnest on the men's ties memory quilt number one.This one will be a wall hanging for the man whose ties they are. He retired and wanted to have something to remind him of his working days. A second one will be for the daughter, and will be a quilt. I have to finish the first one before I think too hard about quilt number 2!

Here is the finished quilt I was working on.

Panto: Frolic

The backing was big enough the second time around!

These are the sewn tie pieces for the wall hanging. I haven't made the background yet. Believe it or not, this cutting and sewing took most of my day to do. 
Tomorrow I am off to Hayesville, NC for another day at quilt camp. I like the kids and really like helping them learn to sew. After camp, I'll be home working. I need to turn in now...6 AM comes quickly.

What is a normal day here?

Yesterday, I had what I would consider a pretty normal day for Wazoo. In the morning, I had a show meeting, followed by some errands, then home by lunchtime. Boring so far, right?
In the afternoon, I switched gears to the quilting mode, and had two quilts loaded by 1:00. One is a pantograph, so I started it on the Millie while pinning the other one, a beautiful Baltimore album custom job, onto the Gammill. After that, I began the cutting of the men's ties quilt, and made the first Dresden plate 'blades'. A couple of quilts were dropped off (along with chatting with the quilters), and one went home. By then, it was six o'clock and time to close up shop. Maybe this wasn't a full day, but you get the idea.
Any time in the studio with fabric and quilts is a wonderful time! I have a full day ahead, with Mr W off to South Carolina for his Mom visit. Hopefully, I will have something to show you that isn't so boring by the end of the day!

Millie is humming along on a scrappy quilt.

The custom job is loaded, and I hope to get some stitch in the ditch done around all the applique.

Gorgeous and well made.

The ties are ready, and the cutting started.

The first blades ready for pressing and sewing together.

My quilts came back from the Cobb County show. This is the ribbon I won. Isn't it pretty!?

Mr Wazoo got the bird bath/fountain set up and running. The plants are a natural filter and keep the water pristine for the birds without having to use any chemicals.