Friday, August 16, 2019


I have been so busy running all over to be sure to see everything, I haven't taken many photos or posted on the blog. Mr Wazoo has been quilting up a storm at home and finished all the work I left for him to do. He told me last night that he will be in the yard today. Must be true, as my morning phone call went to the voice mail box! Good for him.
I got here at 9:30 Monday, and left my sister's by 10 AM to go to DeForest and see my friend from high school. We had a wonderful time. She drove me to Lodi, then to Baraboo (home of the Ringling brothers circus) to fabric shops and an antique store. I added to my stash, and also scored a 1940s Dresden Plate quilt with only minor damage. I'll need to replace two blades, but otherwise, it is pristine! The back has some light stains, but no holes! When I get a good photo, I'll post it.
We rode the Merrimac ferry across the Wisconsin River, stopped briefly at Devil's Lake State park, and to a wonderful store in the Dells called the Red Shed. It was closing time there, so I went back with Marcia the next day and bought Mr Wazoo a kinetic garden sculpture. (Also, pictures later...)
I spent a day with my son, his wife, and Grandsons, and we had fun looking around Madison and going out for Thai food. The next day, I went to my daughter's volleyball match (they won!) and met her friends there.
Back to my sister's for a fabric shop hop to three stores, to Farm and Fleet for the Alfred Dunner clothing sale, then to Woodmans for Madiera wine. I use it for cooking and haven't been able to get it in GA.

Having fun with Marcia on the ferry.

Geezer selfie...why do I always look stupid in selfies!?

The river is really high. Wisconsin has had a huge amount of rainfall this summer.

The name of the ferry...Colsac III

My sister's house. I got stopped in DeForest by a cop who thought I acted suspicious at a stop sign. I had sat there a few minutes because my GPS took my down a cut de sac! I fixed the GPS and took off, and was lit up immediately after turning the corner. One time being an old lady paid off. I told him I was lost and he became very helpful, getting me to the highway and back to Janesville. At least I didn't get a ticket for being suspicious!

At the Red Shed, they also had these Christmas ornaments made from yo-yos and buttons. I thought I could make some for the boutique! Wow! I sure won't charge $4!

In Madison, I went to a quilt shop called Blue Bar Quilts. It is a big, well lit, fabulous shop! Loads of more modern fabrics there, as well as a sale room for quilt related items, a big classroom, and a gallery hall with traveling quilt collections rotated every couple of months. 

The gallery, with Olympic quilts on display.

Three courts of volleyball in full swing.

Then, this happened! A bunny got in somehow, and stopped all the action for ten minutes while the ref chased it all over and finally out a gate. It was the highlight of the night when it ran to freedom, raising a big cheer from the crowd in the bar. Gotta love Wisconsin!!

I had a wonderful time with my HS friends at lunch in Monona on Wednesday. We laughed and chatted for  a few hours, then said our good-byes and see you on Facebook!
Today, I'm off to the west side of Madison to meet my son and go to the huge sunflower field. Later, we're going to Whitewater to have fish fry at the local supper club with my brother. I'll post more pictures next time.
On the road, I was behind this truck with the weirdest thing on the back. It looks like there is a little door with a guy in a turban peeking out. What's that about? I took a picture just because it was strange.

See you later, alligator.