Monday, September 12, 2011

9/11 quilting marathon

The TV was all about the 9/11 tenth anniversary, so I switched it on to listen to while getting some work done. I'm sure you will always remember where you were that horrifying day...I was in Germany, visiting my military daughter who was returning to work that very day after a two month maternity leave. It was supposed to be a meet and greet with the new grand daughter, but I ended up in a lock down situation on base with a toddler, a baby and a dog!! After a few days, my daughter was able to come home and we had one evening together before I had to fly back to the States. I was on the first domestic flight out of Frankfurt to the USA after 9/11. The pilot thanked us for being brave and flying with him to Chicago, and we all clapped and wept some more. I thought about that today, and wept again for the innocent souls taken by terror ten years ago. The quilting is a balm to my own soul, and I guess that is why I do it. Here are the quilts of 9/11/11. Peace.

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