Wazoo! quilting price schedule for 2020

I have been asked to post our quilting prices for prospective customers, so here they are!

Starting in 2020, we will no longer be doing custom show or heirloom quilting. Getting older is hard for standing all day. I appreciate your understanding.

*There is a $10 charge for repairing seams, squaring backing,and pressing top or back.
Battings we carry:
 Hobbs Heirloom  80/20, 96 inches wide for $2.50per foot
Quilter's Dream  Select 93 inches wide for $2.50 per foot
Quilter's Dream Request cotton, 60/40 blend, Puff, Wool and Angel by the quilt sized package.
Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 black by the quilt sized package

We provide binding preparation, machine application, and hand finishing for 15 cents a linear foot.

We are unable to use customer supplied thread. We use only threads suitable for longarm quilting; Superior, Signature, A&E, Perma Core and Glide. We have a huge inventory to choose from for the optimal result on your quilt. The thread charge is separate and is $2 per bobbin/thread combination
Union county Georgia sales tax is 7%
Minimum quilting charge: $25 for edge to edge

Quilt Size:
The size of the quilt top before quilting.  This measurement will change after quilting.
Width _____ inches x Length _____ inches = Total square inches _____ 
Multiply the total square inches by the desired level of quilting cost to estimate the amount  for your quilt.

Basting for hand quilting, (done with contrasting thread) : .005 cents an inch

Simple edge to edge pantograph  : .015 cents per inch

Simple edge to edge
Complex edge to edge pantograph with custom border treatment : .025 cents per inch
Complex edge to edge with custom border treatment


  1. The prices look good to me. I am amazed you haven't raised your panto prices - thank you! I have several women in camp who are interested in having you make their quilts look even better than they are. Congratulations on all your quilt show awards - can't wait to see the slide show.

  2. Hi! I'm a new quilter (I've done exactly two quilts ever) and I'm amazed and inspired by so many of the quilts you've done. You probably get this question all the time: Do you have patterns for any of your designs? There are a few that look simple enough for me to try but I'm not confident enough to work without instruction.

    Thank you again for the site and for the marvelous pictures!


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