Tuesday, May 14, 2013

MQS Wichita!!

I am sitting in the lobby writing this because the hotel is too tight to have wi-fi in the rooms. It is $2.50/day to have the privilege of computing in one's jammies. Oh well, I will sit here and tell you all about it while the hotel buzzes around me.
The hotel is right on the Arkansas river and it is a wonderful place to walk and relax after a day of quilting classes. I had a class with Claudia Pfeill today, and she is wonderful. I can't wait to get home and practice so I can begin to use the new motifs and border treatments I learned.
Mr Wazoo has had three classes with Linda Taylor, and is now her pet student. She gives a coffee mug to each student who takes her class, so he has quite a set going! One more and we can have guests in for coffee and cookies.
Wichita is a clean and pretty city, quite pedestrian friendly. I have walked along the riverfront each evening so far; wonderful!! It is about 80 degrees and NO humidity!!! Eat your heart out, Florida.
Golly Moses!! A giant just walked past me here in the lobby!! No kidding, he must be over 7 feet tall!!
On that bizarre note, I think I will call it a day and go to my room and veg out with a glass of wine and some chocolate before turning out the light.
More to come!!
OMG!! Two more giant guys just came in...does Wichita have a basketball team I don't know about? Lordy, I need that drink...and bed. ;0)
Claudia Pfeill teaching class

Claudia demonstrates how to do a border treatment

Mr Wazoo by the cool bridge over the Arkansas river

Our hotel

View from the river walk

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