Monday, May 26, 2014

Back in the swing of things

Beard is GONE!! I like this smiling face much better.
We have been very busy around here, getting quilts done and out the door. One day blurs into another until a whole week has gone by without a blog entry.
The quilt I was hurrying to finish for a class sample turned out to be quite a bugger to make! I am currently using it in the evening when the air conditioning gets a bit cool on my feet. I even tried to make a small quilt using the same technique, but it was also a challenge. The education committee decided to have me teach a different quilt altogether, so I didn't have to hurry at all. Oh well, I got two quilts out of the exercise!
Here are a few of the pretty quilts that were finished this week.
To all the veterans, thank you. My daughter is an Iraq war vet and I am so grateful to have her home safe and sound. Have a wonderful day with your families and take a day to remember why we can enjoy the freedom to do so in our great nation.
Here's the finished the ready for cold feet.

This is the 'simpler' version. 

Isn't this the cutest kid quilt?!

It is called Mom and Me. My customer did a fabulous job!

This is a bed runner. They're all the rage right now.

Close up of the quilting

More detail

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