Friday, January 16, 2015

Another day...another 20 boxes emptied.

Mr Wazoo went off to Atlanta today to pick up the extra two drawer units from Ikea. Molly and I stayed home and spent the morning doing odd tasks in the house, and started unpacking again after lunch. I now have all but one box labeled 'fabric' unpacked and sorted. Some of the stuff goes into the drawers Tim brought home today, so it will have to wait until tomorrow to put it away, but the garage is looking less cluttered and I am feeling like the end is at hand!
Poor Molly had a barfy day and has been quiet and subdued. I wish her digestive disorder would go away completely, but it is chronic and will inevitably flare up periodically. We just go with the flow and try to be supportive between up-chucks. She'll be better tomorrow.
Pictures tell the story!
The bookcases are looking good...wish I could find the books.

With the extra drawers, the units hold much more! 

Found the backing fabrics and the solids

Tim went right to work on the cabinets

The shelves are filling up, but not bursting like they were in Florida.

Molly looking puny.

All sorted: ethnic, juvenile,oriental,florals and leafy,homespuns, stripes, dots. shabby chic, batiks, Civil war and different colors. Whew!

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