Saturday, January 10, 2015

Close call with Molly, and Moving into the studio

Just a tease...
It has been a wild day today! Everything started out alright; I took Molly for our hilly walk despite the temperature hovering at 28, mad Tim a hot lunch and then started helping him in the studio. We left the door ajar between the studio and garage and Molly decided to escape. The garage door was open because Tim had moved some stuff out to the driveway to be able to get at the furniture. Out she went with me right on her heels, calling for her to come back. Usually, she will turn around and trot back, but she saw something chase worthy and took off through the woods, down the hill to the road like her behind was on fire! I'm running (if you call that running...) and calling her frantically because I hear a car coming up the hill. Tim jumped in the truck and started to follow me just as the car came around the curve and slowed to a stop. The door opened, and the nicest lady was trying to get Molly to come to the car. "Is she an indoors dog?' she asked as I puffed my way to the road. I told her that Molly had never bolted like that before, thanked her for her help and introduced myself. Turns out she is my next door neighbor. She said if I ever see a Yorkie running like that to catch her and bring her home! I said I would and thanked her again. We have nice neighbors, so far!
Back to the studio, where Tim is putting things together slowly and we are getting the space figured out. It looks stark without the colorful fabric and quilts on the walls. Pretty soon it will spring to life with a rainbow of happiness. Now, it's time for supper. Everybody is hungry after the chase and the big move. Even Molly!
My machine takes the lion's share of the space.

Spartan bathroom, but handy for us!

We need to find a white shelf unit like the other two. The freebie brown one has to go.

From my sewing area; left to right: My machine, cutting table,Tim's machine in the back,
the 'office' area under the TV, and a storage unit lying on it's back while Tim adds the drawer slides.

My sewing table, bookshelves and an easy chair for resting. Molly likes that!

Speak of the she is, sneaking in from the garage.
The view from Tim's machine.
It is hard to believe, but this is looking better...

I spy Kaffe Fassett!

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  1. You have made a lot of progress getting the studio set up! How wonderful! It took me years to empty all the boxes I had after I moved the last time. I had just chucked them in a empty room! That was too easy to do!


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