Saturday, January 17, 2015

Design wall and more unpacking finds

We had another busy day here at Wazoo Georgia. While I was off doing the grocery shopping, Tim got the other two drawer units put together and ready for me to fill. While he was busy figuring out the design wall, I quickly moved the fat quarters from the bins on the fabric wall to the new drawers. Now, all that is left of fabric are bits and pieces left over from quilting projects I have finished. I haven't brought in the scrap bins yet, but will be doing that soon.

The drawers are getting fuller.

I found the box of small quilts from the old studio

I'll put them up here after I get everything in it's final place.

Without the bins, there is plenty of room for UFOs and kitted projects.
We worked as a team on the design wall, and had it up in an hour or so. It is 96 inches wide and 81 inches long. That is as far as I can reach, so why make it taller? Tim is thinking of adding a 3/4 round trim to the outside of it to make it looked more finished.

The design wall is made of insulation board covered with Warm and White batting  held in place with duct tape. Tim is trimming the second piece. Piece number one is leaning against the wall behind him.

Both pieces done and ready to install on the wall.

I did find some more of my books! Molly has decided the chair is her favorite spot to watch the progress.

The finished pieces are screwed to the wall. Tim put one inch washers between the batting on the front and the screw head. I covered the washers with bits of batt cut in circles with a hole punched in the middle for the screw. There are screws in all four corners of each piece as well as halfway down each side of both pieces for a total of 12 screwed points. I don't think it will fall off!
Tomorrow, I hope to get the sewing machines and supplies put away and the room tidied up. I would like to start sewing and quilting on Monday. Fingers crossed!

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  1. Wonderful progress! I can't reach the top of my wall either. I used 4' x 8' foam board also, but I got a great deal at one of the big box stores on a ladder that has a wider steps where you can stand easy. It is not too heavy to move around. I looked at HD and they have them under step stools.


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