Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sewing at last, and a new floor going down!!

After another trip to the fabric store to buy a ruler (I already have just about every ruler known to man) I finally had something to do that involved sewing. I watched the Houndstooth Quilt tutorial on Missouri Star Quilt Company's site, and decided it looked like a fun and easy project. I chose the vanilla Moda fabric and the double pink civil war fabric to make it from. Out of my box, but inexpensive for a first project here.
I set up the cutting area in the kitchen where there is an island just the right height for cutting. There are only two preliminary cuts, so it moved along quickly. I sewed the strip sets and cut the pieced blocks out, and then it was off to the races!
Strips and squares cut and ready to sew

Strip sets sub cut into the alternate blocks

How cute!

I set up my sewing area in the guest room next to a window so I could look outside. Its tight, but works okay.

Hey, the quilt rack made a great place to hang the strips waiting to be pressed.

Today, I am sewing the rows together. I only had four of the stripy blocks left over, and had to cut two squares of each color to finish the top! There wasn't much fabric left, that's for sure.
Sewing together the 'webbed' rows. (I am in good company; Eleanor Burns and Bonnie Hunter both assemble their quilts this way. I learned it from Eleanor in a class I took years ago)

All that's left is what is on the side table!
Meanwhile, the flooring finally arrived! Tim and Mike are down in the studio as I type putting it down. I am so excited, I can hardly stand it, but have the quilt to keep me busy until they finish. Maybe tomorrow we will be able to get some of the sewing stuff into the studio. Yippee! Now, its back to the sewing table.
We picked this rustic flooring with the saw marks left in.

Molly approves.

All these boxes will be used up in the end. That's a lot of flooring!!

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