Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sewing, quilting and fun in the sun!

 What a beautiful day it was today! Warm and breezy...birds singing...Tim digging and watering . He is so happy to be outside, and is making headway on the yard and home improvement. The rock man came today and delivered crushed stone and pavers to do the back entry. We have been slogging through mud and wet straw all winter, and now we will have a paved walk instead! Yippee!

Nobody comes to the front door, so we can have a bit of fun with our signage
Mr Wazoo worked all morning getting the area dug out and leveled before the rock man came with the gravel and pavers. He has the first layer down and is ready to lay the pavers tomorrow.


We also have greenery on the front porch. Looks good.

Watering the baby seeds in the side yard.

Suet maintenance. The nuthatches and chickadees eat it like crazy!

One truly happy camper!

While I was away, Tim finished painting the doors, too!

On the sewing and quilting front, I have been doing two jobs at once. Quilting is progressing on Joanne's quilt, and I got the borders on and backing made for the first customer commissioned vintage quilt.
Joanne's quilt is about half done
Molly keeps me company in the studio
The first Lone Star is all mended, the background pieces sewn in, and the borders on. Now, I just have to quilt it!
 This is the second star, in need of repair before adding the background. I peeled back the freezer paper on these diamonds so you can see what I have selected to put in the place of the damaged pieces
Back away a bit, and they blend right in! There are ten to do tonight.
 I forgot to show you the additions to my stash from the Trenton shop!

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  1. What a relaxing, beautiful oasis you have! I didn't even know what suet was until we moved to New Jersey and I started working at Ace Hardware. The people around here buy it constantly. They love their birds! I also LOVE those red doors! So unique and beautiful. Can't wait for it to warm up a little more here so we can sit outside and enjoy the weather. :)


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