Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Rocks, quilts and cleaning

The boulder men came at 6:30 this morning and started moving the big rocks around...BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! This booming and digger revving went on all day while they finessed the rocks into place on the hillside. Tim watched the dance all day, taking time out only to grab a quick bite for lunch. Things are starting to look like we envisioned. It is becoming an exciting project, rather than an annoying one.

Molly had to check it out when the machine stopped booming

I spent yesterday quilting a couple of charity quilts and making hundreds of four patches for a new quilt. Molly also got a much needed bath.
Another 2-3-2-6 quilt I made at sewing group

All clean!! A bit damp, but happy.

Charity quilt made by my sister.

Today was spent cleaning the house and doing the vacuuming and more laundry before settling in with handwork on bindings.
The boulder guys will return early again tomorrow, so I think we will have an early supper and an early bedtime, too! I'll be back in the studio having  a jolly time with the four patches and maybe some applique preparation!
Meanwhile, Mr Wazoo is 'tidying up' the rocks...I caught these through the screen on the back porch. He didn't know he was being watched. He's so cute.

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