Tuesday, July 14, 2015

It'll need another day....

I started the day with a drive to Blue Ridge to get more of the chickadee fabric, and the green with white flowers fabric. After that, I traveled back to Blairsville and the shop here. Right when I walked into the store, the heavens opened and it poured rain! Whew! I saw the black clouds on my way there and was happy to browse until the storm passed. Scored some border fabric and a panel I just had to have. (You know what I mean)
I re-made the 64 nine-patches and I must say, I'm liking how it looks. The design wall is too small (?!) for the entire quilt, so I will lay out the quilt on the floor tomorrow.
This looks better. Softer transitions between the fabrics.

Tim also made a trip to Blue Ridge in the truck to pick up plants he ordered from his favorite nursery. As soon as they called, he was out the door! Russian sage and black eyed Susans will be added to the mix.
Right before the rainstorm

About 5:30 PM, there was a bulletin on the TV saying a HUGE  storm was coming and it would have heavy rain, wind, lightening and possible hail.
By the time the evening news came on, we were prepared!

 Tim put the car in the garage...and the truck on the porch! It was like a custom carport! He's so clever.
Truck on the porch!
Molly stayed in the studio and supervised the event.
The storm came and went with fanfare and fireworks, and now, everyone is settled and hoping that tomorrow we will see the quilt top finished without further falderal.

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