Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Lo-o-o-o-ng day

What did you do today, Susan? I quilted...and quilted...and quilted. And I am not done quilting. Tomorrow, I hope to see the end of the quilting on this pretty peacock theme quilt.
Big peacock quilt ready to roll
I had a helper in the studio, too. When I tried to advance the quilt, it would barely budge. I looked under the table to see if it was stuck on something, and this is what I saw.

That furry lump resting on the batting is my pup Molly! She was quite comfortable there, and didn't want to get up and move. Too bad, so sad!! She was relegated to her pillow.

All the borders are finished and I am working the blocks surrounding the panel, and will finish with the panel quilting.
Lots of quilting
It looks like the bird is thinking, "What are you looking at?"
I'm looking at you, peacock! You're going to be stitched up tomorrow!

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