Saturday, September 26, 2015

Beach blanket bingo!

More cool weather and some sprinkles of rain, but a fine day for quilting. I quilted two beach blankets for a customer that are quite amusing. The fabrics have ladies made out of fruit and vegetables! Too funny!!

Panto: Simply Seashells

In the afternoon, I started this little wall hanging. The customer didn't stitch any of the pieces down, so I applied a piece of bridal tulle over it before I started quilting. I hope it turns out is an experiment for me.

The trail cam got just the rear end of what looks like another bear in the yard, but he managed to avoid having a good photo taken. Tim says he will give it another day, then move it to another location. We'll see if we can catch a better glimpse of something...


  1. Bears! Yikes! When we lived in Alberta we had to contend with moose (yikes!), deers, foxes, grouse, coyotes...think I'd take any of them over bears...I've never tried a panto on my Avanté, need to tackle that fear! Wow, I love that blue beach quilt in your header!

  2. That quilt was a raffle quilt for my Florida guild. We won first place in the NQA show that year in Chapter Row. Every raffle quilt I have quilted and entered there has won a ribbon. Too bad the NQA is closing up shop.Maybe I will add a page to the blog with award winning quilts, both mine and customer's. Hmmmm...that's an idea! No bears today...just squirrels and bats.


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