Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Knee progress and a new quilt started

My knee doctor gave me the good news today; I have 115 degrees of flexion in my knee and no longer need to go to PT as long as I walk and exercise at home. The pain should gradually diminish and by next November, I should be all healed.
Mr Wazoo mailed three quilts today and managed to quilt this one, too. Sweet birds on a branch. Very modern feeling.

I spent most of the day running back and forth to town for PT and then my doctor's appointment, so I didn't get any quilting done. I did spend a few hours prepping tee shirts for a customer quilt. I hope to get it laid out tomorrow...maybe even put it together! 

Pile number one of tees
All the backs with numbers are here. I may need a few to fill out the rows in the quilt.
Hmmm....I think this shirt is trying to tell me something...

Right now, it's time to go to bed. They are predicting snow over night. I hope that's wrong. We'll see.

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