Monday, April 18, 2016

Wild week with Carolyn and another wild week coming up

Whew! We had a wonderful visit with our daughter for a few days, and managed to do more traveling than we do in a month! We took her to Brasstown Bald, the tallest mountain in Georgia, a shopping and sight seeing day in Blue Ridge and Blairsville, and a day trip to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. Yesterday, I took her to Walasi-Yi, the mountain crossing where the Appalachian Trail passes through a building! The place was crawling with hikers, bikers, motocyclers and tourists (ourselves included). Thankfully, the weather was fabulous for her entire visit, and we all had a splendid time.

Brasstown Bald

They had a display of costumes from period dramas
at the Biltmore. These are the clothes from Sense and Sensibility

I love this movie

These, too.

We must have climbed a thousand stairs!!

Be still, my heart...Mr Darcy!!

Colin Firth is very skinny!!

The Biltmore 

On top of Blood Mountain, there is a tree where hikers throw their old boots.
This is at Walasi-Yi, on the Appalachian Trail

The view from the top

Back at home, Mr Wazoo taught Carolyn how to drive the tractor.

Like a Tom Sawyer, he got her to mow the lawn!
During the little bit of down time, I had to start on a memory quilt for a customer. Oh my, her memories are a little strange to me. I have three towels, two rubber backed window curtains a chenille bathrobe, a shiny polyester skirt, a thick fleece blanket, a tee shirt, a sweatshirt, a blouse, a flannel nightgown and a french terry hoodie to work with. Just preparing all the knits and cutting pieces was a full day's work. This is as far as I got before quitting for the day. More will be done when I return from my trunk show and classes.


Trying to make something nice

I have a lot of work to do...
Tomorrow I'm off to Clarkesville to give a talk and trunk show of my quilts. Then, I'm teaching a class on Wednesday. Thursday I re-pack the quilts and repeat the show and class in Blue Ridge on Friday and Saturday. Then, it's back to reality and working some magic with the memory quilt.

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