Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Racing toward the finish line

Rainy day in Georgia, so quilting was in full swing yesterday.  I got an early start and finished all the quilting on the guild raffle quilt. Late in the day, I sewed the binding and sleeve, and applied them as well.
Ta Da!!

It is queen size, so here is a pic from the back of the machine

Border treatments

Motif in the open areas

Some of the appliqué

My favorite bird

A peek at the back

Ready for binding's now done, too!

Mr Wazoo did the second of two flying geese quilts from the same customer. I like this one even more than the other one! Nice!

Panto: Fantasia
After a trip to the orthopedic doctor, I will be starting another customer job today. This is my last visit since having my knee replaced. It still hurts and is very stiff sometimes, but I am confident that will be better with time. Ah, old age! Who ever thinks about it while they are beating up their joints in their youth? I sure didn't! Off to work!

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