Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Guild day, Tuesday

Today was quilt guild, and I am tired. We had a wonderful speaker, Elizabeth Barton formerly from York, UK, and now from Athens,GA. who makes wonderful art quilts featuring the houses, buildings and structures common to villages and cities she has lived in or visited. Elizabeth dyes all the fabric for her work and has a sharp eye for captivating design interest from ordinary scenes. Here are a couple of her pieces from the small show in Blue Ridge last month.

We were treated to an extensive slide presentation along with the inspiration photographs and hand drawn sketches. I'm inspired to look at things differently after seeing her quilts!

Meanwhile, here at Wazoo...Mr Wazoo has been cleaning the garage since moving his lawn stuff into the shed, and I am seeing a big space emerge that I could use for something quilty. Hmmm...maybe not Nifty Fifty, but Fab Four or five? It's a thought.
Yesterday was spent laboring over the black bits of the quilt I started quilting on Sunday. Black on black is so hard to see, and even harder when the customer requested thin batting. Nothing pops up, so it is difficult to see where I have already quilted. I can't wait to get all the black done so I can move on to the colorful part!

I used dark gray for the feathering around the colorful part, and did the background fill with black.
You can't see any background fill, can you? Nor can you see the spiky design in the starry fabric. AAArrrgh!!

I have the half circles scribed in, now for the pointy bits...

After working for hours and getting nowhere, I decided to take a break and mess around with some orphan blocks left over from a quilt I made years ago. The rejects, you could say..

The pitiful orphans

The original 2007 quilt, with my daughter-in-law's family crest appliqued on it.
I think I need to make a few blue and green blocks to spice the orphan up a little. Oh well, it will no doubt be a charity quilt when it is finished. I had fun playing.

Miss Molly had an adventure last night. When I took her out before bed, she spied something hiding under my car. I don't know what it was, but I m guessing a feral cat. Thank goodness it wasn't a skunk!! She kept trying to squeeze her sausage body under the car, but all she got for her toil were patches of  black down her white fur! Mr Wazoo bathed her today, so she is back to normal, but I worry that the intruder will be back and we'll have a worse confrontation. I may have to start parking by the garage...
Trying her best to look innocent.
I'll be back to work in earnest tomorrow. Until then...I need a nap!

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  1. Could be a field mouse or a ground hog. Lily has a "pet" rabbit which hides under the car. He taunts her, allowing Lily to almost go nose to nose before the he darts away. For that reason, Lily is ALWAYS on a leash when going for walkies.


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