Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Oh dear...I sewed again, and I liked it.

Oh well, I guess I needed another day of sewing to get my mojo back. I already had some of the blocks made for the next part of the pattern, so I figured I would go ahead and assemble them before starting work. I never got to work...sewing took over and I was in the groove.
By lunch time, I was here

Three o'

Believe it or not, it took another hour to get here.
I auditioned eight different fabrics before settling on this one for the inner border.

Six o'clock, and I had all the flying geese done and started planning the next border.
I ran out of room for these on the design wall.
I would have had the geese sewn together and sewn to the quilt top, but I had a customer come with a quilt. Not just any quilt, but the most fascinating, intricate and wonderful quilt I have ever had in the studio!! I am drooling over this one. Here's just a sneak peek at what's waiting for me in the studio
You know I'll be at work tomorrow, don't you?!

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