Friday, September 23, 2016

Whistle while you work! Lots of finishes.

Mr Wazoo and I went straight to work today and quilted like Speedy Gonzales. (you can guess my age by my cartoon knowledge...) I finished the Farmer's Wife quilt sashings and borders, and am very pleased with how it looks.
I wish I had the patience to make so many different blocks with so many little pieces!!

View from the back of the machine.
This is a big quilt.

Block and sashing quilting

Border quilting

And that gorgeous backing!...

Next up, I quilted the memory quilt and put on the lace trim the customer requested, as well as the binding. Handwork tonight.

Panto: Big Splat

The comforter fabric on the back is really soft from years of use.

Mr Wazoo finished a double wedding ring quilt he put on yesterday afternoon. I am so proud of his progress! A couple of years ago he would have been frustrated and whiny about doing this quilt. This time, he quilted right along and finished without complaining once! I think he may get Employee of the Month for September!!
The man hard at work
The lovely double wedding ring quilt

Panto: Come Dance With Me
In the afternoon, I managed to put together, quilt and bind two more of the dragonfly charity quilts for the Blue Ridge guild. Several members made the blocks, and I am making them into quilts. I have enough blocks for three more of these quilts! Some children will be very pleased to get them!

The two quilts I finished today.
I don't usually machine sew the binding, but lately I'm pressed for time.

I chose these blocks for the next quilt. Tomorrow, I'll pick sashing and borders and get it together.

Two more sets of blocks waiting to be transformed into quilts.
 Mr Wazoo used the afternoon to quilt another project made by the customer who made the Farmer's Wife quilt. She has great color sense, and I love her stuff. This is so different from the other more traditional quilt, yet still very pretty.

I really like this simple, yet complex looking quilt. It sure has happy fabric selections!

Panto: Small Splat

The backing is this soft, pretty floral
All in all, we had a productive day here at Wazoo! I look forward to doing it again tomorrow.


  1. Wow, that Mrs. Farmer's Wife quilter is some artist! I like the panto on the double wedding ring--Come Dance with Me. I like the double wedding ring! It is refreshing to see batiks used in more traditional patterns.

    1. She is new to the area, and will be an exciting addition to the quilting scene here. She is a transplant from Oklahoma.


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