Monday, October 3, 2016

Quilts out the door!

Its always a happy day when people come get their quilts. Today had plenty of distractions, but they were all welcome ones. Horse blanket quilts went out first, then the quilt and pillow fronts from yesterday (see it in the photos below), and then the three small seaside quilts. After lunch, the red and black quilt with the variegated thread front and back was carried off by the overjoyed quilter who made it. We spent the rest of the day quilting and getting on with work!

Deja vu? No! It is another of the batik block of the month quilts like the one I just did!
This one is a little smaller, but just as pretty.

Panto: Big Splat

A beautiful blue back. The other one had a copper colored back.

I did manage to get all the stitch in the ditch done on the custom feathered star quilt I started today. Tomorrow, I'll begin the quilting in earnest.

This quilt is so complicated, the directions fill an entire book!

Mr Wazoo quilted a big project today. If it had been one inch bigger, I would have had to quilt it on my machine! Whew! I dodged a bullet there.

I love the color combination on this quilt.
The block patterns are nice, too!

Deja vu again?! No! This is the panto Small Splat.
Before I leave this topic behind, I just have to show you the finished thread shelf-drawers. Mr W outdid himself with this project. Thank you. dear man.

He arranged the thread by type and color.

I get excited just looking at all this rainbow goodness!

Unless there is a major meltdown...Mr W will be Employee of the Month for October for sure.
Stay tuned!

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