Friday, October 21, 2016

Waiting...waiting...It's Here!!

While waiting for my delivery and my company, I did get the next round of the scrap quilt cut out.


Dark pink

But then...My friends arrived from Florida, and the next day, while we were out and about, my delivery came!! Today, Mr Wazoo and our pal, Henry, began unpacking boxes and assembling my new longarm machine!! Woo-hoo!! I have been waiting about a month since buying it at the Chattanooga show. This is so exciting to me...but also very scary. It has an onboard computer system that I have to learn, as well as being very foreign to me in its operation. I have been watching you tube videos and reading the manual to prepare for the first stitches I make. 
That story will be for another day. Until then, thank you to Henry for all his help so Mr Wazoo remains sane and able to quilt another day!

Mr Wazoo quilted in the garage for a couple of day because we had to make room for the new machine

Then she came!

Henry and Mr Wazoo figuring out where all the parts go

Progress! She's out of the box!

This is how far they got. Everything hooked up, but  the operator is still clueless.
Stay tuned!


  1. A Millie! Hurray, hurray, hurray for you!!

  2. Yup! Now, we just have to get acquainted so we can work better as a team.


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