Friday, January 27, 2017


Yesterday, I spent the day quilting the custom happy Summer project. The only disappointment is the pictures don't show the quilting well. I love how it turned out, and hope the customer will like it, too.

Doesn't this quilt make you feel happy!

The maker says there will be an assortment of buttons on the quilt for the flower centers and the watermelon seeds. I'd love to see it all done!

Bzzzz...lovin' the bee skep.

Well...maybe if you squint, you can see the quilting.

The surprise on the back! More bees and watermelon!

Hey! Here's some quilting!
Today, I am having a hooky day to get the quilt of valor done, and then put on a beautiful red and white customer quilt. Oh yes...I really love my job!

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