Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Hump day

We finished the quilts from the last post, and quickly moved on to today's projects.
When I delivered the quilt to its owner, she remarked that she saw a block turned wrong-way-to in the pictures from the last post! I hadn't noticed anything askew, so I went back and looked...She's correct. But it isn't readily apparent in the picture of the entire quilt.

Very swirly quilting and border treatment to soften all the geometric lines.

Mr W completed the shabby chic quilt

The panto 'Rosie' was perfect for the quilt's style

We both had errands to do today, so quilting was scant. Plus, I entertained a new customer who has a long history in this neck of the woods, all jam-packed with family quilting stories. We chatted for an hour after taking in two of her hand pieced tops for quilting. She told me she has made over 100 hand pieced, hand quilted heirlooms for family, friends, and some to sell. Amazing and interesting lady. Her son brought her because, in her late eighties, she can't drive as well these days. I would love to see the fifty or so quilts she has at her home! Some were made on her treadle machine, but she does have a modern machine, too. This is why I love my job; I meet such interesting and lovely people who all have the same respect for the art of quilting.
Mr Wazoo was poking around in the garage and found a box labeled 'Fabric for Sue to look at'. He obviously packed and stored the box, because I would have never labeled anything so vaguely. We brought it into the studio and found a top I made at a retreat years ago in Florida!! It was all balled up, stuffed away in haste, and forgotten. A quick press, and voila! Another UFO calling my name.

All I remember from when I made the top, was that I had a bag of strips from past projects, and decided to do a bit of a nod to log cabin. Easy and fun...something I could put together while chatting and laughing with quilters at a retreat. Fond memories in a really plain quilt.

Here it is in its entirety.
On the frame, I have a customer's  underwater turtle fantasy. The stitch in the ditch is done, and tomorrow, I'll do the fun quilting!

Mr Wazoo finished his day with this whimsical Halloween quilt. He chose the spider web panto and variegated purple thread to add to the spooky feeling.

A beautiful end to a relaxed day.

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