Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Busy day

The phone rang and rang today. Customers are bringing and sending quilts faster than we can quilt them! Mr Wazoo had already told me he would be doing yardwork today, because the weather was absolutely perfect. It figures...I was stuck indoors, quilting and repairing quilts. He did get one done yesterday while I was at guild, so I won't begrudge him a day in the sun digging dirt.
Mr Wazoo quilted spring flowers on this very Springlike Irish chain

I love the scrappiness!

Panto: Splat

Sign...I was in the studio which stays about 68 degrees all the time because it is mostly underground.
I spent the morning finishing the tee shirt quilt for the Christian school. By lunchtime, I was able to load it up and quilt it. I ran out of gas at 5:45 and called it a day before getting the black binding attached. No fear, gentle reader, I had a repair ready for the hand sewing!

This is where I started today...

Here it is finished. The school's  sports name is the 'Lightning", so I added two lightning bolts.

Digital panto: Dazzle

The Lanier Lightning
I put another shirt on the back, which was perfect for the Christian school project!
This little quilt was almost left out of today's show! I quilted it late yesterday. Sweet colors and simple design. Very nice.

The customer wanted it done with I did!
Digital panto: Bubblicious
Tonight, I did some handwork on a double wedding ring quilt I did a couple of days ago. One arc was really trashed and torn, so I made a new arc and appliqued it in. All done!

I traced a pattern to go by from the damaged arc, cut it apart and pressed the freezer paper patterns to the appropriate colored fabrics, then added seam allowances.Here are the bits ready to make into the arc.
I tried to copy the color scheme from the original arc, seen here.

In this picture, the new arc is glue-sticked down and ready to hand sew.

After hand sewing and re-quilting. Cool, huh? Ready for the customer to apply binding.

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