Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A big finish, and some night visitors

I finally finished the custom quilt!! Five days after starting, it is off the machine and on it's way to New Jersey, and the quiltmaker. The biggest challenge was a baggy backing, caused by sewing fabric together without pinning. One side always ends up smaller because of the feed dogs. So, unless you have the walking foot on, don't sew two giant pieces of fabric together without pinning them. I saw the droop on one side, and thought the clamps could overcome the excess of fabric on that side...I was wrong.After a massive amount of custom quilting, I advanced the quilt, and there it was. A tuck from the seam to the edge of the quilt about 45 inches long. Crap! No way I was removing all that quilting, so I set out to sew down the edge of the tuck and blend it in with the backing. Fortunately, it was a busy batik, and the fix didn't look too bad. In the end, I gave the customer a $100 discount for the error. I hope she isn't mad at me. Here is the quilt.

Last week was the opening of the Blue Ridge Fiber Arts show, and I had some quilts in the show. Our guild members took a field trip, followed by a wonderful dinner at a local restaurant, to view the show. Everyone had a good time.
Here's my Jacobs Ladder quilt.
It looks nice there.

This portrait quilt by Mary Schaeffer was my favorite in the show.
The background design is all hand beading! Wow!

This is one of mine, too. It's called 'The Buzz'.
Back at home, Mr Wazoo was hard at work on a whimsical llama quilt. The customer made two quilts for her kids, and I got to quilt the foxes! Both are fun and happy quilts.

Panto: Yodel

Digital panto: Mahogany
Don't you love the fox in specs!?

Miss Molly spent the day at the groomer being fluffed and buffed. She hates having her picture taken, and stuck her tongue out at me. Cheeky monkey!

I spent a couple of hours after work stitching down the rats on my Rat Race quilt top. It is slow going due to the small pieces and all the twists and turns I have to make while sewing. It's coming along well, though.

My favorite rat, but a booger to sew!!

I'll end this post with a slideshow. The trail cam caught some visitors last night. Mr W's trash can locks worked so well, the bear gave up! Ha!

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