Saturday, July 8, 2017

Life in the studio

Sometimes it feels like I live in my studio, coming out only to make meals and sleep! We are busy there every day, and with all the rain we have had, it's a nice way to pass the time!
While working on customer quilts, I have been sneaking in some sewing on my show quilts, trying to get them ready for quilting.I have added the border to the rat quilt, and now, I have only to mark the background for the quilting.
I chose a cartoon-like print for the border from my stash
During the week, I worked on two log cabin quilts for the same customer. Both were really big and took a couple of days each to quilt. I used mostly digital patterns for the quilting.
The first quilt is a lively Kaffe Fasset barn raising pattern

Hard to see, but I used a floral pattern in the blocks and
the piano key border.

I did a spiral pqttern in the inner border

Here is a look at the back

The second quilt is a reproduction beauty
in the streak of lightning pattern

I used a feather pattern in the dark sides and straight lines in the light sides

Here is a look at the block quilting

The backing is this lovely, soft floral
Mr Wazoo did a couple of baby gift quilts, and then spent time in the garden between rain showers.
This sheep quilt is adorable!

Panto: Quirky

The same customer made this bright strippy
quilt with bugs and lizards on display.

What kid wouldn't like this!

Panto: Popcorn
He also quilted this big, more modern stars quilt.
Another king sized project for Mr W.

Panto: Dazzle

A look at the back
Following the dark stars, he got to cleanse his quilting palette with a bright starry quilt!
It is amazing how different the same panto can look when done on dark or light backgrounds, and bright stars.

Dazzle was used on both star quilts.
I have been working along on my miniature quilt, and have the quilting done. The new Bernina is a dream to work with, and I am enjoying learning how to use it. I am not a fan of the BSR, and after practicing on a quilt sandwich, turned it off for the quilting in the setting triangles and border. I need to get more comfortable with the free motion part of the equipment, and then, I'll be truly accomplished . Not yet...
I took the original border off and replaced it with a darker fabric.
I think it is a much better choice to highlight the blocks

Here is a look at the quilting.
Tiny cross-hatching is tedious!
There will be some hand embroidery in those blocks.

I'm disappointed that the scalloped quilting with feathers doesn't show on the checked background. Oh well, I tried.

The tiny feathers were the hardest part. Not perfect, but okay.
Now, if it would just stop raining all the time, Mr Wazoo would be happier. He has been adding edging along the driveway in fits and starts between showers. Meanwhile, the flowers are getting bigger and bigger! It is hot and muggy out there, too. I'm happy to stay in the AC with Miss Molly and quilt!

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