Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sunday, Fun day

I'm still in my jammies as I type this, watching Sunday Morning and enjoying pancakes. Sunday is my day, and I do whatever I want...usually sew, or quilt. Today will be no exception, because I am planning to cut apart a tub full of clothes to prep for three customer memory quilts. But that comes later.
Yesterday, I spent my studio time quilting, and for the most part, so did Mr Wazoo. After all, it rained...again.
First, I quilted this pretty jelly roll quilt.

Panto: Stacked Snailz, one of my favorite patterns.

The customer backed it with soft flannel.

Then, I tackled this Georgia quilt for a customer's grandson going off to college.

The panto is digital. Really, the only way to get such precise corners

One of the fabrics is repeated on the back

Mr Wazoo quilted this Christmas project for
a customer who is a new quilter.

She did a great job! The panto is Holly berry.

The back is another happy Christmas print.
Well, its time to jump in the shower and get this quilting show on the road! I have the next project ready to be quilted, and the bin of shirts and pants waiting to be dismantled. The sun is briefly shining, and Mr W is going out to plant the new hydrangea bush. Life is good!

The next quilt in the queue
So pretty! 


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